Ipe Deck by Archadeck on Pinterest

Ipe Deck by Archadeck on Pinterest

Two of our most-often viewed articles this year include “Smaller Decks with Sizeable Style” and “Deck Ideas for a Small Backyard”.

With 1,500+ views on the subject, we thought a little more elaboration might prove helpful.  (OK – Bad pun!)

So here goes.

Unlike sprawling acreage found in rural areas, urban and suburban neighborhoods have one thing in common — dense neighborhoods and backyards with limited land.

But don’t be fooled.  Very big style can be incorporated into the confines of a restricted outdoor area by using sound ‘design and build’ strategies.

In the end, an experienced contractor can convert a supposedly ‘small’ outdoor space to a versatile structure for all types of activities and gatherings.

And here’s how. Read the rest of this entry »

Archadeck in St. Louis is on Pinterest

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Ever heard of Pinterest for business?

Well, Archadeck has been listening to all the buzz as well.

And our ears are telling us that Pinterest is THE ‘oh-so-perfect’ visual resource  — at a glance — when homeowners begin to research a remodeling project for inside or out.

As a quick and easy-to-use bookmarking tool, Pinterest packs-a-punch of inspiration for whatever topic you choose, including outdoor living.

And best of all, it’s really (really!) fun and completely free.

No wonder  Pinterest has exploded in popularity and is recognized as an essential, online discovery and sharing platform for individuals and businesses, alike.

It’s also ideal for the quiet introverts amongst us.  Pinterest will work hard for you without a lot of unnecessary chatter.

Over the past year alone, our blog has received over 4,000 visitors directly referred from some of the wonderful pinners of Pinterest.  As a result, we decided to hop on the Pinterest-bandwagon by adding the ‘pin it’ button (now found at the bottom of each post) and a link to our brand-new Pinterest page (found on the side column). Read the rest of this entry »

Westbury Deck Rails, photo courtesy of Archadeck

Westbury Deck Rails, photo courtesy of Archadeck

In our last post “Decks Designed with Glass Rails” we discussed the benefits of using solid panels or balusters made from tempered glass to preserve a deck’s scenic view.

But if glass isn’t the look you’re craving, no need to fret.

There are other non-obstructive railing options too.

Consider aluminum deck rails by Westbury designed for minimal field-of-vision interference.

And for that reason, the Westbury product line is an Archadeck favorite as a glass-rail alternative.

We give Westbury ‘two thumbs up’ and here’s why. Read the rest of this entry »

Deck with Glass Balusters by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

Deck with Glass Balusters by Archadeck in St. Louis Missouri

It’s been said, “Glass railings are breathing room for the eyes.”

Oh how true!

Glass brings a pure, refreshing clarity to any outdoor structure.

And with the growing popularity of glass as a building material, contractors are often asked about its use in custom deck designs.

As an architectural feature, glass rails are an especially impressive way to preserve a pristine view.

So if you have a home with scenic surroundings, this blog post is for you.

Whether your backyard overlooks a sloping wooded lot, a swimming pool, beautiful gardens or has a water view, here are tips to avoid deck-rail-obstruction by using glass. Read the rest of this entry »

Custom Deck with Amenities by Archadeck

Custom Deck with Amenities by Archadeck

In our earlier post, “Awesome Deck Accessories You May Not Know About” we discussed ways in which contractors add custom detail to a deck project with floor board pattern, inlays, material/color combos and trimmed-out deck posts, beams or stairs.

But once your contractor wraps-up the building phase, it’s time for you to finish-out the space to best suit your lifestyle.

So to help out, we’ve gathered some tips from around town (and around the web) for more awesome deck accents and accessories with creative comfort, cutting-edge convenience and ultimately, your contentment in mind.

Creative Comfort

Pottery Barn Saybrook Collection of Outdoor Furniture

Pottery Barn Saybrook Collection of Outdoor Furniture

Comfortable, eye-catching deck furniture is probably the first thing you’ll want to add to your new ‘outdoor room’.  Furniture will set the stage for relaxing, dining, entertaining or conversation.

With today’s selection of fashionable weatherproof furniture, your ‘inner-exterior-decorator’ can shop until you find your ideal, outdoor-living groove.

From high-end specialty shops to online or big-box retailers, options are abundant.  But don’t be afraid to get creative and look beyond conventional furniture ‘sets’.  Hit your local flea market or garage sale to mix-things-up, have fun and save a little moolah too.

And for the tech-savvy consumer, look to Pinterest for inspiration!

No matter where you shop, be sure to let the overriding style of your home and your budget be your guide. Read the rest of this entry »

Craftsman Style Bungalow Front Porch Addition by Archadeck

Craftsman Style Bungalow Front Porch Addition by Archadeck

In our last three posts, we’ve discussed deck and porch designs for contemporary, rustic and traditional homes.

To complete the discussion, let’s examine building an outdoor space for smaller homes such as ‘bungalows’ or ‘cottages’.

Often these two words are used to characterize any modest, 20th century house built with the American middle-class in mind.

As broad architectural descriptions, images of these structures might convey different things to different people; yet the labels ‘bungalow or cottage’ always express simplicity, efficiency and a certain ‘storybook’ charm.

Cottage-Style Garden Pergola by Archadeck

Cottage-Style Garden Pergola by Archadeck

St. Louis is filled with remarkable older homes and as a St. Louis contractor, Archadeck frequently works with homeowners who want to build a modern-day outdoor space that adapts to a 75 – 100 year old bungalow or cottage.

Sound impossible?  Not at all.

An experienced contractor can squeeze tasteful design features into a little bit of space, true-to-style.

So for those of you who prefer ‘small, cozy and historic’ to ‘big, fancy and brand new,’ you’ll feel right at home with these tips from Archadeck. Read the rest of this entry »

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