Here at Archadeck we design and build decks, porches and other outdoor structures using every imaginable type of building material including wood and hardwood as well as recycled and synthetic products such as composite, capstock and vinyl.

Front Porch with Brazilian Hardwood Floor by Archadeck

Porch with Brazilian Hardwood Floor by Archadeck

In today’s blog post however, let’s focus on hardwood decking and specifically three little-known Brazilian hardwoods: Cumaru, Garapa, and Massaranduba.

In this neck of the woods (pun intended!)  Tigerwood and Ipe are, by far, the two most frequently requested hardwoods by St. Louis homeowners.

Nevertheless, it’s worth giving a mention to Cumaru, Garape and Massaranduba. Read the rest of this entry »

Family Pets are Archadeck Customer Too!

Family pets are Archadeck customers too!

There’s never EVER a one-size-fits-all or single ‘right way’ to design and build a deck, screened porch or other outdoor space.

The details of each and every project totally depend upon a family’s preferences, their needs, lifestyle, budget, and of course their house and landscape layout.

In addition to the people though, a family pet can bring an entire set of considerations to the table for both design and building of an outdoor living space as well.

Now if you don’t own a pet, you may be surprised by exactly how many Archadeck customers incorporate pet-friendly design details into their custom outdoor space.

If, however, you are among the animal lover population, you already know that pets are a part of your clan and taking their needs into account isn’t so surprising after all.

Deck and Screened Porch with Dog Door, by Archadeck

Deck and Porch with Dog Door by Archadeck

But there’s good news for dog and cat owners.

An experienced and reputable contractor can design and build any outdoor structure to cater to the needs of your furry friend.

Dogs and cats want to be with ‘their people’ and love plenty of fresh air too.

And more often than not, they’ll be spending time on a backyard deck or screened-in porch with the ‘fam’.

So when it comes to deck and porch design for pets, don’t hesitate to check with your builder.

At Archadeck, we discuss this topic with customers quite frequently and their most common concerns boil down to:  durability, safety and comfort. Read the rest of this entry »

Completely gone are the days of pulling those old mesh-and-metal folding chairs out of the garage in order to enjoy your lawn or a slab of concrete used as a patio.

Today, comfortable and attractive outdoor living spaces are the ‘in-thing’ and their popularity continues to gain steam.

Outdoor Living Room by Archadeck

Outdoor Living Rooms by Archadeck – Low Maintenance Deck, Level Change, Lighting

This particular housing trend is predicted by industry experts to remain huge throughout 2014 and beyond.

Undeniably, outdoor living is here to stay.

And with this trending evolution, outdoor spaces such as decks and screened in porches are considered a ‘must-have feature’ for people shopping for new residential construction or for an existing older home.

Simply put, folks want houses with useful space inside AND outside. Read the rest of this entry »

Vinyl Pergola with Solar Panels by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

Vinyl Pergola with Solar Panels by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

Some folks assume that ALL pergolas are pretty much the same when it comes to design and style.

Based on what you’ve seen in pictures (or in your neighbor’s yard), you might be thinking:

“Yeah, yeah, yeah… a pergola is a pergola is a pergola except for standard building materials in a few colors.  Right?”

Well, not exactly.  That may have been true awhile ago, but not anymore.

Ornate Pergola with Dark Stain by Archadeck

Ornate Pergola with Dark Stain by Archadeck

Yes, a pergola is a slated outdoor structure adding shade and definition to a deck, walkway, garden, pool or patio area.

And yes, pergolas are a perfect framework to support vines and hanging baskets of plants or flowers.

However with a custom pergola by a reputable contractor the sky’s the limit when it comes to unique designs for both function and flair.

Here in St. Louis we’ve designed and built our fair share of pergolas for customers throughout the region.

But we’d also like to share a few other ideas from Archadeck to get those design-juices flowing.

So first, let’s break down the sub-categories:  material options, size and style, types of accessories. Read the rest of this entry »

Smaller Ipe Deck by Archadeck

Smaller Ipe Deck by Archadeck with Grilling Zone and Built in Benches

Face it.

Some residential backyards simply come with constraints.

Maybe your lot is small or awkwardly arranged.

Possibly you have a larger lawn but it’s filled with landscaping, a flower or vegetable garden or a backyard pool.

Perhaps you own an acre or two, but the land is sloped and heavily wooded with only a smidgeon of actual grassy area.

Does it seem as if there’s ‘little-to-no’ leftover room?

In actuality, your backyard may not be hopeless when it comes to having adequate space for a terrific deck addition. Read the rest of this entry »

White Rails and Pickets with Glass Infill for Two Story Deck Project by Archadeck

White Rails and Pickets with Glass Infill for Two Story Deck Project by Archadeck

When dissecting the components of custom deck design, rails and balusters top the list of important elements.

Railing with unique balusters – or other types of ‘infill’ products — provide homeowners with a simple way to express their individuality for a deck project, setting them apart from all the others.

Balusters also offer the opportunity to incorporate upscale style and color with interesting materials to match or blend with a home’s exterior architecture as well as interior spaces.

Basket Balusters for Hardwood Deck in St. Louis by Archadeck

Elegant Basket Balusters for Hardwood Deck in St. Louis by Archadeck

With a little guidance from an experienced contractor like Archadeck, folks can say ‘So-Long’ to plain boring rails with newer, modernized and versatile railing products.

In other words, basic rails are made a whole lot better simply with the right baluster.

Generally speaking, the most popular customer-requested deck railings are ‘low-maintenance’ and ‘style-filled’.

And this can be accomplished in a myriad of ways with positioning, materials and ornamentation of the baluster or rail-infill. Read the rest of this entry »

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