Deck in St. Louis with Lattice Skirting by Archadeck

Deck Skirting by Archadeck St. Louis

Decks throughout St. Louis are becoming increasingly fashionable, especially when a deck sports a skirt!

Deck and porch skirting will instantly transform an outdoor living space into a more beautiful showplace.

Deck skirting creates an anchor by enclosing the area between a deck and the ground, blending the deck with the backyard while allowing for moisture to escape.

If, however, a deck is raised, the skirted area is useful for gated storage.

As a final touch, add a few shrubs, plants, or flowers and the transition is seamless.

TimberTech Front Porch with Lattice Skirting by Archadeck

TimberTech Front Porch with Lattice Skirting by Archadeck

Various building materials can be used for deck skirting with the most common being lattice.

Vinyl lattice is durable, requires little maintenance and offers better aesthetics when compared to wood lattice.

Lattice is offered in classic geometric patterns; however, solid skirting is an attractive option too.

Gazebo with Lattice Skirting by Archadeck

Deck and Gazebo with Lattice Skirting, by Archadeck

Archadeck of West County and St. Charles County often uses lattice for other outdoor living spaces including pool or spa enclosures, porches and gazebos.

So it’s time to dress up your St. Louis deck with a skirt… state-of-the-art lattice skirting, that is!

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