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Deck and Gazebo for Scenic View, Designed and Built by Archadeck

When a contractor designs and builds a deck, screened porch or any other outdoor structure, the addition should work ‘in-tandem’ with both the interior and exterior of your house.

When this happens, the spaces co-exist flawlessly to maximize your surroundings, including a scenic view.

View-inspired, functional designs can be accomplished in a multitude of ways depending on the style of your home and the lay-of-the-land.

Decks:  Depending on your home and yard, a deck design might sit low to the ground or may need to be elevated for homes with above-grade first floors.

Decks, St. Louis, Mo

Elevated Deck with Curved Rails for Wooded Lot, St. Louis Mo, by Archadeck

Two story decks are an ideal design for a house with more than one level:  decks with changing levels are ideal for sloping yards.

And from time-to-time, a deck design that is totally ‘free-standing’ is the perfect choice for a remote garden area or a backyard swimming pool to take advantage of the scenery.

Decks with or without a screened porch:  Like decks, a screened-in porch can be designed and built at grade-level or as an elevated structure depending on a few architectural details of your existing home.

Decks, Screened Porches, St. Charles Mo, Archadeck

Deck and Screened Porch for Sloping Wooded Lot, St. Charles, Mo by Archadeck

From the comforts of a screen porch, homeowners can enjoy the ambiance of their property with plenty of protection from bugs, sun and rain.

Other desirable porch options that will complement a scenic view include a neighbor-friendly front porch or a more secluded back porch with open sides.

Decks with or without a gazebo:  An open gazebo (as pictured above) or a screened-in gazebo can enhance a beautiful view, either as a stand-alone structure or placed at the edge of a deck.  A bit of trivia for trivia buffs – the word ‘gazebo’ originates from the word ‘gaze’; thus, gazbos are a great option for making the most of an impressive landscape.

Get the most out of your outdoor space by maximizing picturesque surroundings with a sophisticated design, built by Archadeck.

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