The economy has left many homeowners delaying the inspection and repair of decks and other outdoor structures such as porches, gazebos and pergolas.  Take advantage of Archadeck’s new “Be Safer” campaign, offering tips for homeowners to ensure deck safety.

According to a press release by Archadeck, “As homeowners review their budgets for this year, many are considering where to spend money to maintain and update their homes.”  The local deck and outdoor living experts at Archadeck, serving St. Louis and St. Charles, are reminding homeowners to check their decks for safety concerns to prevent accidents. To ensure safety, particularly for decks that are older than 10 years, here are seven deck safety guidelines:

  • Boards:  Inspect the condition of deck boards.  Over time, minor splits or cracks are expected for wood; however, deck boards should be free of damage and safe to walk on.
  • Connections:  Check every connection on the deck, fasteners and metal hardware connectors, to ensure they are corrosion-free.
  • Structure:  Posts, beams and joists are a deck’s structural framework and should not display sagging between supports.
  • Attachment:  It is imperative that the ‘house band’, where the deck is attached to the home, has structural integrity with properly installed bolts for strength and water protection.
  • Foundation and Footings:  Foundation and footings support the weight on a deck and columns that bear on them.  No sinking or sagging allowed.
  • Exits:  Deck exits usually involve deck stairs.  Inspect handrails, lighting, treads and risers for material and structural conditions for safety.
  • Rails:  It is essential that deck rail posts and deck railings aren’t wobbly or loose.  Deck railing balusters (or pickets) should be securely fastened and correctly spaced.

If you would like a professional deck safety inspection in St. Louis, St. Louis County, West County, St. Charles, St. Charles County and parts of Illinois, please call our local office 636-227-0800 or visit our website.