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Under Deck Screened Room, Archadeck St. Louis

Under Deck Screened Room in St. Louis by Archadeck

Use the valuable area under an elevated deck and double your outdoor living space with an underdeck design.

Using the same design concept as the footprint made by a two-story home, underdecking is a way to maximize a smaller lot by creating a two-story outdoor living space.

With an under deck ceiling constructed using weather-proof vinyl panels, knowledgeable contractors can build-out the space under an elevated or two-story deck, creating an open or screened outdoor room, or even a storage area if you prefer. Read the rest of this entry »

Composite Deck with TimberTech Deck Railings by Archadeck

Composite Deck with TimberTech Railings by Archadeck

School is out.

Vacation time is here.

The weather is warmer.

The sun is brighter.

The days are longer.

Summer has begun.


That can only mean one thing.

It’s time to start living outdoors where the backyard is the favorite spot and is ‘open for business’, day and evening.

Outdoor Living is the newest craze for three very good reasons.

1.  A simple addition of a deck, porch, pergola, gazebo, underdeck or screened room expands your home’s comfortable and functional livable space, economically and conveniently.

And when a home improvement project takes place outside, rather than inside, the disruption to daily life is very minimal. Read the rest of this entry »

Deck, Pergola, Screened Porch by Archadeck

Deck, Pergola, Screened and Open Porch by Archadeck

The term ‘trifecta’ in horse racing lingo, is a bet or wager in which horses are predicted to win first, second and third place in that precise order.

However, ‘trifecta’ is also a term used to describe a situation where three elements join together, simultaneously.

And when it comes to outdoor spaces, Archadeck is synonymous with a trifecta.  Let me explain…

Years ago, a basic square or rectangular wood deck was the norm.

Today’s decks, however, are anything but basic. Read the rest of this entry »

Deck Steps With Flared Design, St. Louis County, by Archadeck

Deck Steps With Flared Design in St. Louis West County, by Archadeck

Just like railings, steps and stairs for your elevated deck, porch or screen room are a primary decision in the outdoor-living design process.

Stairs can provide an elegant element of contrast to an outdoor space or seamlessly blend with an outdoor structure with matching materials.

Nonetheless, steps and stairs should be functional, convenient and improve traffic flow.

Types of steps and stairs include:

  • Full set, single direction deck staircase with a consistent step width.
  • Full set, single direction or turning staircase with landings.
  • Broad, angled, half-moon, or curved step designs for wide backyard spaces.
  • Staircase or steps with a flared design.
  • Z-shaped staircase for traffic flow, space utilization and backyard access. Read the rest of this entry »

Step and stair design for a deck, porch or screen room is an important decision. Outdoor steps and stairs can provide a vivid contrast to a space or match and blend-in with a deck or porch.  But no matter the design choice, steps and stairs should improve traffic flow, providing functionality and convenience.

Take a look at the slideshow below filled with plenty of ideas from Archadeck projects. Read the rest of this entry »

Deck and Railing Design by Archadeck, St. Louis

Deck and Railing Design by Archadeck

When designing a deck, look well-beyond the deck boards to unique railing ideas for a creative personal tone, all your own.

With today’s material options for outdoor living spaces, custom combinations and design possibilities are abundant.

Railing systems should be eye-catching from the view of your home as well as adding curb-appeal to your yard and neighborhood.

First, choose a railing conducive to your deck or porch design.

Benches as Railing for Decks by Archadeck

Benches as Railing for Composite Platform Deck by Archadeck

Safety railings aren’t necessarily required for platform deck designs; however, railings can be added to portray a ‘trendy’ or a ‘traditional’ character.

And in certain situations, perimeter benches or built-in planters can act as a smart substitute for railing.

Elevated and two-story structures will have railing requirements for safety; however, railing can be a key design element for a dazzling appearance and functionality too.

Next, choose material combinations. Read the rest of this entry »


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