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Multi Level Deck in St. Louis and St. Charles area, Structurally Sound and Safe, by Archadeck

Due to a difficult economy, many homeowners are delaying inspection and repairs of their decks and other outdoor living structures.  However, May is ‘Deck Safety Month’ so take advantage of Archadeck’s new “Be Safer” campaign.

In Greater St. Louis, Archadeck’s local “Be Safer” campaign is featured in an article, “Improve Deck Safety” by the St. Louis area Patch.

Many homeowners are reviewing budgets and deciding where to spend money to maintain and improve their homes.  In St. Louis, Archadeck of West County and St. Charles County is reminding homeowners to check their decks for safety concerns to prevent accidents.

To ensure safety, especially for decks that are 10 years old or older, there are seven important deck-safety guidelines:

  • Boards:  Inspect the condition of deck boards for deep splits or decay.
  • Connections:  Check every deck connection to be certain they are corrosion-free,  including hardware connectors and fasteners.
  • Structure:  Beams, posts and joists are the structural, supportive framework for a deck and shouldn’t display damage or sagging.

    Deck Safety, St. Louis, St. Charles Mo, Archadeck

    Well-built Elevated Composite Deck in St. Louis and St. Charles area by Archadeck

  • Attachments:  The ‘house band’, where the deck adjoins the house, must be structurally sound to prevent accidents.
  • Footings and Foundation:  The weight of the deck is supported by foundation and footings; therefore, signs of sinking or sagging are a danger.
  • Exits:  Inspect handrails, deck lighting, treads and risers on exit stairs for material and structural conditions.
  • Rails:  It’s critical that deck posts and railings are secure and not wobbly or loose.  Also deck railing pickets (or balusters) should be fastened securely and spaced correctly.

For a professional deck safety inspection in St. Louis, St. Louis County, West County, South County, Mid County, St. Charles or St. Charles County in Missouri and parts of Illinois, call 636-227-0800 or visit, our local website.

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