Deck Steps With Flared Design, St. Louis County, by Archadeck

Deck Steps With Flared Design in St. Louis West County, by Archadeck

Just like railings, steps and stairs for your elevated deck, porch or screen room are a primary decision in the outdoor-living design process.

Stairs can provide an elegant element of contrast to an outdoor space or seamlessly blend with an outdoor structure with matching materials.

Nonetheless, steps and stairs should be functional, convenient and improve traffic flow.

Types of steps and stairs include:

  • Full set, single direction deck staircase with a consistent step width.
  • Full set, single direction or turning staircase with landings.
  • Broad, angled, half-moon, or curved step designs for wide backyard spaces.
  • Staircase or steps with a flared design.
  • Z-shaped staircase for traffic flow, space utilization and backyard access.

    Decks by Archadeck with Dual Staircase

    Deck with Walkway and Two Sets of Backyard Stairs by Archadeck

  • Wraparound or bi-directional deck stairs for improved traffic flow, space utilization and yard access.
  • A double set of steps or stairs for platform or raised decks.
  • Multiple staircases and steps for two-story projects or decks with level changes.
  • Deck steps and stairs with built-in lighting for ambiance and safety.
  • Spiral staircase for decorative appeal, ideal for decks or porches with minimal ground space.

With new, exciting designs and building materials coming to market every year, the choices are plenty but can become overwhelming.  Archadeck, however, has decades of experience to guide you through the design and construction process. We’ll find the perfect stair match for your outdoor living project.

Deck Stairs with Wide Landings in St. Louis County, Chesterfield area

Deck Stairs with Wide Landings in St. Louis County, Chesterfield area

Taking into account your home and backyard, existing space parameters, safety considerations for children or pets, and overall traffic flow, we’ll help you narrow-down options.

No detail will be overlooked. A great contractor will be with you ‘every step of the way’.

With Archadeck, your outdoor living project, including steps and stairs, will ‘stand out’, complementing your home and reflecting your personal style.

If you live in the Greater St. Louis area visit for more steps and stair ideas or call 636.227.0800.

AZEK Front Porch by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

Two-Toned, AZEK Front Porch Steps in St. Louis Mo, Porch Project by Archadeck

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