Tigerwood Deck by Archadeck, St. Louis

Tigerwood Deck by Archadeck, St. Louis – displays floor board pattern

There’s nothing that equals the beauty of wood… wood floors, wood furniture, wood decks and other outdoor living structures built using wood.

Appealing characteristics of wood include aesthetics, durability and the utter uniqueness of each and every board.

In addition to pressure treated lumber and cedar, contractors can use Tigerwood, Ipe and other natural woods for decks, porches, pergolas and gazebos.

Yet with today’s composite and vinyl decking materials, builders can also design a deck, or other outdoor structure, to simulate the look of wood — complete with deck board ‘streaking’ … a ‘look’ that was previously unique only to natural woods.

So let’s take a look at several options that are the ‘real-wood-deal’ as well as decking materials that ‘capture’ the ‘look and feel’ of real wood.

Pressure Treated Wood Deck, St. Charles Mo, Archadeck

Two Story, Pressure Treated Wood Deck, St. Charles Mo by Archadeck

Pressure Treated Wood

Pressure treated wood remains one of the most viable decking options.

It’s long lasting and it’s economical.

Pressure treated wood requires some effort for annual maintenance to keep its appearance attractive.

Nevertheless, many St. Louis homeowners still love the idea of having a ‘real wood’ deck and especially prefer the lower initial price-point of pressure treated wood.

Cedar Decks, Cedar Pergolas, St. Louis Archadeck

Beautiful Cedar Deck with Cedar Pergola by Archadeck


Cedar equals tradition.

For hundreds of years, cedar wood has been the wood of choice for chests (and in closets) because of its ability to repel moths and other insects.

Cedar is widely used as a decking material for its natural beauty, aesthetic appeal, distinctive grain patterns, longevity, protective qualities, ease-of-use for building, color richness and uniqueness.

It’s no wonder that today, cedar remains a very popular choice as a decking product.

Ipe (pronounced eepay)

Decks, Ipe Hardwood, St. Louis Archadeck

Ipe Hardwood Deck with Built-in Benches by Archadeck

Ipe — sometimes referred to as Brazilian Walnut — is an elegant hardwood characterized by density and durability, a long lifespan, fine texture and depth of color.

Customers may decide to maintain Ipe’s original coloring of brown/reddish hues with annual sealing, but Ipe will also change to a handsome silvery-gray tone if left to ‘weather’.

Ipe decking brings the look and feel of natural wood to outdoor living and complements virtually any home and backyard setting.  Ipe is always an excellent choice.

Tigerwood and other Hardwood

Custom Decks by Archadeck, St. Louis

Custom Tigerwood Deck by Archadeck – St. Louis, Town and Country area

‘Tigerwood’ fits the name.  The wood displays a ‘fierce’ beauty with dramatic streaking patterns, similar to a tiger’s coat, of brown and red tones mixed with other highlights.

Tigerwood, like other hardwood, comes mostly from South America and is considered a renewable resource, harvested from responsibly managed forests.

Hardwood decking is simple to clean, smooth and sleek, and resistant to environmental damage.  It’s become a popular and elegant decking selection for St. Louis homeowners.

Composite and Vinyl Decking

Composites are a mix of plastic resins and wood fibers and their popularity stems from a realistic wood appearance but with lower maintenance requirements when compared to wood.  Composites come in a full array of wood-like colors including oak, birch, redwood, cherry, weathered brown and gray.

St. Louis Decks, TimberTech Evolutions, Radiance Railing

TimberTech Evolutions Deck with Radiance Rails in St. Louis Mo by Archadeck

Vinyl, or sometimes referred to synthetic decking, is the newest and fastest growing type of decking material on the market today.  Vinyls come in dark, rich colors and have a wood-like appearance, with a low maintenance feature.   Vinyl decking has an impressive appearance with a reputation for high-quality.

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