TimberTech Vinyl Decking in O'Fallon, Missouri - Project by Archadeck

TimberTech Vinyl Decking in O’Fallon, Missouri – Project by Archadeck

In our first blog post of the new year, we outlined five current trends in 2013 for outdoor living designs: value and function, reduced maintenance, sustainability, accessories, and complete customization.

Let’s focus now on low maintenance designs and builds.

Plain and simple – time is valuable.  From baby boomers looking toward retirement to younger folks focused on busy careers and family-life, ‘low maintenance’ for homeowners is a priority.  With our state-of-the-art designs combined with today’s material selection, Archadeck can offer less upkeep for your outdoor space while maintaining aesthetics, quality and longevity.

To see examples of low maintenance decks, porches, screen rooms, pergolas (and more) by Archadeck, view the slideshow below and explore our St. Louis website, west-county.archadeck.com.

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