Screened Porch and Deck in St. Louis West County by Archadeck

Screened Porch and Deck in St. Louis West County by Archadeck

Outdoor rooms such as a screened porch, are an attractive and economical alternative to an entire room addition for a home.

A screened porch — as a stand-alone screen room or in combination with a deck or patio — adds useful and valued space to your existing house, cost-effectively.

With contemporary design features, newfangled building products and smart building techniques, a screened porch will become an ‘outdoor family room’ for your entire clan to enjoy.

And your neighbors and friends will ‘dig’ your new outdoor ‘digs’.  (Get it?)  It’s fun and buzz-worthy stuff!

St. Louis Screened Rooms by Archadeck

Interior View of Screen Room by Archadeck, St. Louis, Mo

Screened porches and screened rooms, are without a doubt, ‘the favorite spot’ for just about everyone.

With warmer weather just around the corner, it’s not too early to start planning your porch addition.

So here are three suggestions about screened porch designs and building from Archadeck, America’s leading deck and porch contractor for over 30 years.

Elevated Screened Porch

Many homes in the St. Louis area are built on sloping lots with picturesque scenery; yet, a sloping lot can minimize backyard usage.

Nevertheless, an elevated structure is a space savvy design which adds an outdoor room to your home while maximizing backyard use.

Elevated porches are an ingenious solution for smaller lots too.

Multilevel or Two Story Porch

A multilevel or two story porch — with or without a deck — also provides flat surfaces to overcome a sloping lot or small yard.

And when a screened porch extends directly from your home’s doorways, it blends well with indoor spaces, providing an outlying home-extension.

Staircases are then used to connect, as well as separate, the outdoor living space levels.

Screened Porches with Decks, designed and built by Archadeck

Screened Porch with Deck by Archadeck

Grade Level Screened Porch

If the back of your home has width and your backyard is flat, a grade-level screened porch is perfect.

This type of porch with a deck will integrate your home to your backyard with plenty of style with room to unwind, throw a bash, eat a meal and revel in the outdoors.

These three type of screened porch designs  — elevated, multilevel/two story, and grade level – add livable outside space while improving your home’s value.  And the secret to choosing the ideal screened porch design is to talk with a professional contractor like Archadeck.

If you live in metropolitan St. Louis, visit our website Archadeck of West County and St. Charles County  for additional and comprehensive information about screened porches, porch enclosures and screen rooms… as well as decks, pergolas gazebos and more.

Call us anytime, 636.227.0800, for a free consultation and quote.  We’ll gladly work with you to determine the screened porch options which best balance your budget with your style.

Elevated Screen Porch with Multilevel Deck, St. Louis West County by Archadeck

Elevated Screen Porch with Multilevel Deck, St. Louis West County by Archadeck

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