Enhance your deck design with a ‘roof’ cover — slatted pergola, solid roof, open or screened gazebo or screened in deck — for privacy and style.

Decks with Pergolas, St. Louis Mo by Archadeck

Deck and Pergola by Archadeck, St. Louis

Slatted Deck Pergola

A well-designed pergola does ‘triple duty’ for your deck.

Pergolas add area definition with a sense of enclosure.

It adds a canopy of shaded comfort.

And pergolas create stylish intimacy when cozy furniture and hanging baskets are added.

Top off the space with a privacy screen for added seclusion with flair.

Solid Roof for a Deck

Deck with Open Roof Cover by Archadeck

Deck with Solid Roof Cover by Archadeck

Just like a pergola, a solid roof cover — without screens — also adds a sense of enclosure, shade and privacy.

Ceiling fans and lighting are another thoughtful detail to allow enjoyment of your new deck, from dawn until dusk.

And often an open roof can be turned into an enclosed structure, later.

Gazebo for a Deck

Adding a gazebo or pavilion to a deck’s design is another way to ‘put a roof over your head’ for outdoor living — day or night, rain or shine.

Many of our customers choose an open or screened gazebo design while others prefer a pavilion style.

Either way, gazebos and pavilions are a fabulous way to relax and enjoy the great outdoors.

Screened In Deck

Archadeck* designs many decks with a screened room featured, either on the deck or under the deck.

Screened In Decks, Archadeck

Screened-in Decks by Archadeck

If your home has a large backyard, you can ‘have your cake and eat it too’ with a screened-in deck area (either grade-level or elevated) and an uncovered deck area adjacent to the screen room.

If, however, your home has a sloping lot with a small lawn, a screened-in area under the deck is a smart and savvy technique to create open and protected outdoor living spaces.

So whether you have a large backyard, a sloping lot, or minimal lawn area, you can start increasing your home’s square footage with a deck and a pergola, gazebo or screen room.

Your new outdoor living space can provide an easy-flow transition and extension of your home, creating an outdoor room for your family to enjoy.

Under Deck Screen Room by Archadeck, St. Louis

Under Deck Screen Room by Archadeck, St. Louis

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Deck with Pergola Shade Cover by Archadeck

Deck with Pergola Shade Cover by Archadeck

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