There are several reasons why the backyards of today are more compact compared to past generations.

Backyard Deck with Flared Steps and Level Change, Archadeck

Archadeck Deck with Flared Steps and Level Change

As the US population has ballooned, housing demand has increased causing land, everywhere, to increase in value.

And as a result, it has become more cost effective for buyers to purchase a house with a smaller lot.

And beyond budget-friendly criteria, smaller backyards offer conveniences for the busy lifestyle of most people.  Less upkeep and less maintenance equals less time spent on yard work.

Nevertheless, a small backyard can still accommodate a fabulous deck, porch, pergola or gazebo to stretch your home’s square footage from inside to out.

Platform Deck with Benches and Wide Steps, Archadeck

Archadeck Deck with Benches and Wide Steps

With strategic design techniques, contractors can make the most from limited outdoor space, no matter the size of your yard.

Deck design techniques for a modest backyard include:

-subtle deck level changes, platforms or elevations to define activity areas

-wide deck steps to create an open look with easy backyard access

-built-in benches for extra seating and in lieu of railings for patio/platform decks

-rail and stair lighting for depth, ambiance and safety

-privacy rails for intimacy and warmth

-pergola for shaded comfort with delightful style

-under deck ceiling used to create two outdoor spaces, stacked

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Watch the slideshow below to see Archadeck designs for ‘comfy and cozy’ backyard spaces that are sure to please.

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