Decks Designed with Curves by Archadeck

Curved Platform Deck by Archadeck

The sky’s the limit when it comes to adding architectural interest and function for custom deck designs by talented builders.

But much of a basic deck design is dictated by the layout of your existing home and backyard.

And that’s where the pros can step-in with scads of ‘tricks-up-our-sleeve’ for impressive design features to enhance any outdoor space, whether it feels cramped or humongous, flat-as-a-pancake or craggy.

Unique ‘design and build’ techniques will optimize a space, add a burst of backyard beauty and bring value to a home, no matter its original ‘blueprint’.

And just one of many design tricks uses curves, or angled curves, which can be a welcomed addition to soften a boring rectangular yard.

Examples include:

Deck Designs with Curves, St. Louis Mo, by Archadeck

Deck with Level Changes for Angled Curves in St. Louis Mo by Archadeck

  • add curves, or angled curves, with a series of gentle deck level changes
  • add circular or rounded elements to a deck railing
  • add curving spirals with staircase design
  • add spiral or basket balusters for soft curves
  • add a curved shade pergola over a deck
  • add curves, or angled curves, with benches for seating
  • add a curved impression with floor board patterns
  • add rounded post caps or oval accent lighting

So if you’re looking to enhance your property this season with the addition of a unique and interesting outdoor living space, give Archadeck a try.

Archadeck proudly serves the Greater St. Louis territory.

Curved Pergolas by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo, Wildwood

Curved Pergola by Archadeck in St. Louis Mo

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