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Newly Constructed, Elevated Deck with Pergola, photo by Archadeck

In 2006, the month of May was designated by  NADRA — North American Deck and Railing Association — as Deck Safety Month in response to injuries resulting from older, unsafe decks that have collapsed.

Thus, ‘Deck Safety Month’ is a perfect reminder to schedule a professional deck safety inspection with a reputable contractor this Spring.

Statistically, there are over 40 million aging decks, 20 years old or older, across the United States.

Professionals in the building industry suggest having any deck over 7 years old checked for safety because with age, decks can become a hazard to people, particularly when the deck is raised, elevated or multi-tiered.

Decks, Deck Safety, TimberTech Decks

New Vinyl Deck and Rails, photo courtesy of TimberTech

Make it a priority this year:  homeowners, everywhere, will benefit from a deck safety inspection in order to ensure that their deck meets or exceeds the current standards of local building codes.

A deck safety inspection, with a deck contractor such as Archadeck, will provide a homeowner with a list of any issues and recommendations for resolving those issues.

Many times a deck can be quickly fixed to successfully extend the life of the structure.  Other times, a deck replacement or re-decking is appropriate.

Deck inspectors evaluate your deck by examining the following criteria:

Two Story Decks, Deck Safety, St. Charles Mo, Archadeck

Beautiful Wood, Two Story Deck, St. Charles County, Mo – designed and built by Archadeck

Deck Boards:

It’s normal for wood decking to show some cracking; however, an inspector can identify when cracks become hazardous.

Hardware Connections and Home Attachment:

Each hardware connection and fastener will be examined, as well as the deck attachment to the house, to ensure complete stability and safety.

Structure, Foundation and Footings:

The deck’s ‘skeleton’ — posts, beams, joists, foundation and footings — will be examined to identify any visible separation, sinking or sagging.

Decks, Deck Safety, Archadeck St. Louis

Deck in St. Louis – Safe and Secure Structure, Foundations, Footings, Stairs, Railing – designed and built by Archadeck

Railing and Stairs:

Are stairs, ramps, railing, and balusters in good condition, sturdy and properly constructed?

So before you begin to use your backyard deck this summer, be sure to have a deck inspection particularly if your deck is more than 7 years old.

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Deck Safety, Decks St. Louis, Archadeck

New Hardwood Deck, St. Louis — superb structure and style by Archadeck

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