For hundreds of years, cedar has been used for chests and in closets because of its natural qualities to repel moths and other insects.

Cedar Deck, St. Louis, Mo - Des Peres, Archadeck

Cedar Deck, St. Louis, Mo – Des Peres, by Archadeck

Today, cedar’s universal appeal makes for gorgeous decks and other outdoor living spaces as well:

  • People are comfortable with cedar  because it’s so well-known; the wood has qualities that naturally protect it from the elements and insects.  It looks awesome and has staying power.
  • Cedar is a lightweight, but sturdy wood;  it is easy to work with and a favorite choice among skilled carpenters.
  • Cedar is rich in color and fragrance and when treated with quality stain, the rich reddish hue of cedar can be beautifully preserved with annual maintenance.
  • Or, if left to weather, cedar naturally fades to a lovely soft, subtle gray tone.
  • Cedar has aesthetic appeal with very distinct and varying grain patterns.
  • And best of all, cedar is not only attractive, but cost-effective
Cedar Decking, Des Peres, St. Louis, Archadeck

Cedar Decking by Archadeck in St. Louis, Mo – Des Peres area

    For these reasons, cedar remains a popular and sensible choice because cedar is both handsome and practical for outdoor living.
    Cedar is a classic wood which stands the test of time.  It’s here for the ages.

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