Quality Custom Decks Designed and Built by Archadeck

Quality Custom Decks by Archadeck Are Built To Last

St. Louis homeowners will spend thousands of dollars every year investing in home improvement projects for the interior and exterior of their house.

And folks should certainly expect great service and a quality, long-lasting product for their hard-earned money.

But eventually, things in and around the house need repair or replacement.  It’s just a fact-of-life that nothing lasts forever.

But some home items require replacement sooner rather than later, particularly appliances such as a washer, dryer, refrigerator or dishwasher.

Since Archadeck is in the deck-building business, we’re often asked… ‘Exactly how long should I expect my deck to last?” And the answer is… ‘it depends’.

There are, however, useful guidelines that serve as a great ‘rule of thumb’ when it comes to a deck’s longevity.

Decks by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo, Wood

Well Constructed Hardwood Deck by Archadeck, St. Louis West County

Websites such as realtor.com and the National Association of Home Builders shed light on this very topic.  And according to their statistical studies, components in your home that are well designed and constructed from wood ‘are among the longest-lived features in your house’.

Thus, a well-built wooden deck can easily last 10 – 20 years.

And decks that are designed and built using quality composite or vinyl materials can last longer.

Nonetheless, factors such as improper maintenance or extreme climate conditions can have a negative effect on any deck’s life expectancy.

Decks by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo, Composite

New Fiberon Deck, Designed and Built by Archadeck, St. Louis West County

Realistically though, most customers enjoy remodeling all or parts of a deck to keep current with design trends well before a deck may simply ‘wear out’.

So whether you’re interested in a brand new deck for your home, remodeling an existing deck that is structurally sound, or if you’d like a full deck replacement, consider hiring Archadeck as your contractor.

We offer onsite estimates for new decks, deck replacement or remodeling. In addition, we are certified for deck safety inspections if you have concerns about an existing structure.

Give us a call, 636.227.0800 or visit our St. Louis Archadeck website, west-county.archadeck.com to learn more about us or to schedule an appointment.


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