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Traditional Design, Low Maintenance Deck Rails, Archadeck, St. Louis West County

As a leading contractor for decks and other outdoor structures, St. Louis homeowners come to us with questions about architectural concepts, design options and building materials.

But after the ‘big-picture’ decisions have been made for an outdoor home improvement project, then it’s time for the nitty gritty design details.

And deck railing options are among the hot topics.

So it’s pretty typical for us at Archadeck to hear, “How do I decide which railing is best for my deck addition?”

Well… we can help by boiling-it-down to four primary questions.  And the answers to these questions will pave the way to an obvious choice for you and your family.

These four important considerations will define parameters for:  purpose, aesthetics, building code requirements and cost.

Glass Railings, White Picket Railing, TimberTech Decking, Archadeck

2nd Story Glass Railing for Scenic View with White Picket Rails for Deck by Archadeck

1. Purpose and Function:

If your home has a spectacular view, would you like your deck to overlook that view, unobstructed?  If so, newer glass or cable railings may be a good choice.

Are there children and pets in your household and if so, what railings will ensure their safety?

If safety is a primary issue, tall privacy railing, deck rail lighting and built-in safety gates are desirable options.

And what about maintenance… is low maintenance important for you?

2. Aesthetics:

St. Louis Decks, Railing, Low Maintenance

Matching Deck, Railing and Balusters by Archadeck, St. Louis, Mo

What types of materials are already prominent on your home’s exterior?

Which type of decking product have you chosen and would you like the railing to contrast or complement the deck flooring?

Does your neighborhood association dictate special aesthetic requirements?

Is color a consideration?

3. Building Code Requirements:

Each St. Louis county will have slight variations among specific codes that mandate railing requirements such as height and strength; therefore, where you live may influence your railing options.  (Experienced contractors like Archadeck are already familiar with these regulations so, not to worry!)

Hardwood Deck Railings, Metal Balusters, St. Louis Archadeck

Hardwood Deck Railings with Metal Balusters, Deck Design by Archadeck

4. Cost:

Railing for decks and other outdoor structures come with different price points.

Aluminum and wrought iron rails are on the higher end of the expense side.

Composite and vinyl rails are popular and have varying prices depending on specific styles.

Wood railing is commonly the least expensive railing; however, wood will require some routine maintenance.

In the end, no railing is ‘right’ for everyone.  A railing choice will totally depend on your personal preferences, personal budgets, the community where you reside and safety issues.

St. Louis Decks, Low Maintenance, Archadeck

Low Maintenance Vinyl Railing, Metal Balusters for St. Louis Decks by Archadeck

So if you’re thinking about adding a deck or other outdoor space to your home and property, please give Archadeck a call, 636.227.0800.

We’re a locally owned and operated business but we’re also part of the nation-wide Archadeck brand.

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