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Deck Designed as an Outdoor Living Room by Archadeck

A generation ago, it would have been unusual for a home to have an ‘outdoor living space’ as is common today.  A patio slab or maybe a small deck were backyard add-ons and used as a convenient place for grilling or ‘hanging out’, just outside the kitchen.

But that was the extent of it.

Today however, the term ‘outdoor living space’ is used to describe a backyard home addition that is as legitimately adaptable and enjoyable as your home’s interior spaces.

Yet adding an ‘outdoor room’ doesn’t have to be a large-scale addition.  An outdoor room can be created with understated deck design and building techniques.  But how?

Decks, Outdoor Dining Rooms, Archadeck

Deck Designed as Outdoor Dining Room by Archadeck

Low maintenance building materials, weather-proof furniture and outdoor amenities such as electric, wireless access, lighting, fans, dining areas and cooking features make it all possible.

And some of these options may be more affordable than you think.

Here are just a few popular ways to create ‘definition and separation’ for a subtle, affordable ‘outdoor room’.

Deck Shape

Shape and structure are the building-blocks of any outdoor living space and are among your first considerations to differentiate sections of a deck.  At a minimum, most homeowners want a deck design to designate areas for casual seating as well as dining.

St. Louis Decks, Outdoor Rooms, Archadeck

Deck with Bump Out Nook and Floor Pattern, by Archadeck

Experienced contractors will have inventive design methods to accomplish this goal so there’s no need to settle for a plain-‘ole rectangle-shaped structure.

Instead, a simple deck design can include a slight level change (as seen above) or a ‘bump out’ nook as shown here.

And ‘Voila!’… an ‘outdoor room’.

Building Materials:

Another easy way to ‘break-up’ an outdoor space and visually create an ‘outdoor room’ on a deck is with building materials.

Deckorators Deck Stones, photo by Deckorators

Deckorators Deck Stones, photo by Deckorators

Your contractor can change the color and the direction of the floor boards or build-in other floor patterns using inlays or decking pavers.

Newer materials such as ready-made deck stones or deck resurfacing pavers can be used for subtle flooring transitions.

Railings and Privacy Walls:

Inside your house, walls are used to differentiate the rooms from one another; however, the outdoor version of a wall becomes railing and privacy structures.

Railing and privacy walls, or lattice screens, create borders and space definition.

Pergolas, Outdoor Rooms, Lattice Screen, Archadeck

Pergola with Lattice Screen creates an Outdoor Room, by Archadeck


Pergolas are a favorite way to create an outdoor room, beautifully and economically.

They provide visual interest, significant shade, and clearly specify a gathering space on a deck or patio.  Pergolas are a great way to simulate the ‘look and feel’ of a full-roof structure, without the expense of a solid roof.

As you can see, adding an outdoor room is popular because it is an ingenious way to take indoor comforts into ‘the great outdoors’, expanding your home with better utilization of your backyard.

St. Louis Pergolas, Outdoor Dining Rooms, Archadeck

Patio Pergola creates an Outdoor Dining Room, St. Louis, Mo by Archadeck

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For us at Archadeck, it’s all about helping homeowners find a way to successfully use the un-used space, just outside their backdoor.

From simple to elaborate projects – and everything in-between – we at Archadeck can help design and build an outdoor room for you and your family to enjoy.

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