Screened Porch with Spa Deck by Archadeck

Screened Porch and Spa Deck by Archadeck

Residential backyards today are much more dense and compact when compared to homes built 25 years ago.

But over time things change.

And in 2013, the days of an acre lot and a ‘McMansion’ are fading away in favor of simpler, savvy and efficient homes with outdoor spaces such as a screened porch.

Contributing factors boil down to time, money, and lifestyle.

  • Rising land prices make large lots impractical for most homeowners.
  • Beyond dollar amounts, smaller lots (and homes for that matter!) offer convenience with less maintenance.
  • Less maintenance and less yard work translates into more free-time for busy homeowners.
Detached Screen Porch, Outdoor Room, Archadeck

Detached Screen Porch as an Outdoor Room, by Archadeck

But another noteworthy influence on the popularity of smaller living spaces is the present-day public mindset favoring a ‘green’, sustainable lifestyle.

Folks have begun to reexamine exactly how much space they really need.

And these attitudes carry-over into purchasing decisions.

More specifically, study after study shows that top priorities for today’s homeowners include comfort and affordability; casual gather places for family and entertaining; and an ‘open’ atmosphere — inside and out – with plenty of access to outdoor spaces.

Screened Porch St. Louis West County, Archadeck

Elevated Screened Porch, St. Louis West County by Archadeck, Interior View

Knowledgeable contractors know, adequate living space is important, but wisely used space is of utmost importance.

As a result, usable outdoor spaces have become more influential than ever for a home’s re-sale value.

Outdoor structures stretch the square footage of a house into the backyard, integrating indoor rooms with outdoor spaces to create a total living environment… yet leave a smaller overall ‘footprint’.

Key takeaways include: bigger isn’t always better, smaller can be ‘loftier’ and an experienced contractor will make the most out of the available space… in a colossal way.  A bit of an oxymoron huh?

Screened-in Back Porch by Archadeck

Screened-in Back Porch by Archadeck

By hiring a great contractor like Archadeck, your smaller backyard will easily and exquisitely accommodate an affordable, open and comfortable addition.  A screened porch, screened-in deck or a screened room can fit perfectly into limited outdoor space by using exceptional design techniques.

And that’s what Archadeck is all about… exceptional design and building techniques.

To learn more about us, Archadeck of West County and St. Charles County in St. Louis, click on the link to visit our local website,  Or go ahead and just give us a call, 636.227.0800.

We design and build screened porches, decks, pergolas, gazebos, under deck outdoor rooms and other outdoor living spaces for homeowners throughout metropolitan St. Louis, Missouri.

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