Completely gone are the days of pulling those old mesh-and-metal folding chairs out of the garage in order to enjoy your lawn or a slab of concrete used as a patio.

Today, comfortable and attractive outdoor living spaces are the ‘in-thing’ and their popularity continues to gain steam.

Outdoor Living Room by Archadeck

Outdoor Living Rooms by Archadeck – Low Maintenance Deck, Level Change, Lighting

This particular housing trend is predicted by industry experts to remain huge throughout 2014 and beyond.

Undeniably, outdoor living is here to stay.

And with this trending evolution, outdoor spaces such as decks and screened in porches are considered a ‘must-have feature’ for people shopping for new residential construction or for an existing older home.

Simply put, folks want houses with useful space inside AND outside.

Savvy homeowners know that an outdoor space not only adds considerable personal enjoyment, it adds value to their property’s market price too.

Outdoor Dining Room by Archadeck

Outdoor Dining Rooms by Archadeck

Research tells us that seating and dining areas are in high-demand when designing a backyard structure.

According to an annual survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects, these features are requested by 97.7% of survey respondents.

So, the basics for an outdoor living space should, at a minimum, include designated areas for seating and dining.

And even though the size of your home, yard and budget will determine specific aspects of a custom deck or screened porch plan, experienced contractors can use building techniques to produce awesome outdoor spaces of any size.

There are many methods — from simple to complex — that will turn a barren-wasteland-of-a-backyard into a fantastic outdoor space with ‘outdoor rooms’.

For example:

Custom Outdoor Spaces by Archadeck - Floor Pattern, Levels, Octagon Dining Area, and Pergola

Custom Outdoor Spaces by Archadeck – Floor Pattern, Levels, Octagon Dining Area, and Pergola

A center parting board or other floor patterns will visually divide surface areas for dining and seating.

Deck level changes effectively delineate and segregate activities.

An octagon floor shape further defines an ‘outdoor room’.

Overhead coverings such as a roof or a pergola create borders and boundaries.

Furniture type and groupings cue an area’s function. (See photos)

Privacy screens and deck rails act as a purposeful guide.

And for the ultimate outdoor room, combine a screened porch (with walls and doors) alongside a deck for open-air as well as sheltering space from wet weather, direct sun and pesky insects.

Screened Porch with Deck, Designed and Built by Archadeck

Screened Porch with Deck, Designed and Built by Archadeck

Key Takeaways

There are two secrets to every draw-dropping outdoor space:

1.  A great design to fit your home and budget.

2. A talented and reputable builder who knows the tricks-of-the-trade.

And Archadeck is most certainly one of the best builders of outdoor spaces that you’ll ever find.

So, if you live in Greater St. Louis Missouri and would like to learn more about the design and building process for decks and other outdoor spaces, please give us a call, 636.227.0800 and check-out our website,

If you reside outside of the St. Louis region, visit and key in your local zip code to find an Archadeck office near you.

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