Here at Archadeck we design and build decks, porches and other outdoor structures using every imaginable type of building material including wood and hardwood as well as recycled and synthetic products such as composite, capstock and vinyl.

Front Porch with Brazilian Hardwood Floor by Archadeck

Porch with Brazilian Hardwood Floor by Archadeck

In today’s blog post however, let’s focus on hardwood decking and specifically three little-known Brazilian hardwoods: Cumaru, Garapa, and Massaranduba.

In this neck of the woods (pun intended!)  Tigerwood and Ipe are, by far, the two most frequently requested hardwoods by St. Louis homeowners.

Nevertheless, it’s worth giving a mention to Cumaru, Garapa and Massaranduba.

Cumaru Deck and Rails by Archadeck

Cumaru Deck and Rails by Archadeck


Cumaru is sometimes called Brazilian Teak, characterized by darker grain highlights against a soft gold hue with a reddish brown tint.

And just like other exotic hardwoods, Cumarua – naturally and without preservatives – is able to resist elemental wear-and-tear including rot, decay and insect damage.

It’s considered lighter in color when compared to Ipe but just like Ipe, Cumaru will weather and mature to a silver-tone unless maintained with an oil-based pigment stain and sealer to protect the original appearance.


Garapa Decking for Outdoor Living Room, project by Archadeck

Garapa Decking for Outdoor Living Room, project by Archadeck

Garapa is often referred to as Brazilian Ash and is a yellow-to-honey gold color.

And true to other smooth tropical hardwoods, Garapa is long lasting and resistant to outdoor elements with some special maintenance requirements in order to retain that original, natural beauty too.


Massaranduba (pronounced Ma Sa Ran Doo Bah) is often called Brazilian Redwood but is much stronger when compared to traditional redwood building products.

This hardwood is particularly popular in Europe with its elegant ‘red velvet look’.

And just like other exotic natural hardwoods, Massaranduba is distinctive, tough and long lasting.

Brazilian Redwood with TimberTech Railing, by Archadeck

Brazilian Redwood Deck with White Vinyl Pergola and TimberTech Railing, by Archadeck

Hardwoods are not for everyone when it comes to style, upkeep and price.

But for many homeowners (and carpenters too) exotics are favored over man-made products because of their natural qualities and time-tested durability.

These three Brazilian hardwoods, along with popular Ipe and Tigerwood, are considered to be among some of the best choices for outdoor decking today.

So, if you live in the St. Louis Missouri area and are considering a deck, screened porch or other outdoor living space, please consider Archadeck.  You can visit our website, to see pictures of our completed projects throughout the region including those designed and built using wood, hardwood, composite and vinyl.

Hardwood Deck Project by Archadeck

Hardwood Deck Project by Archadeck

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