Craftsman Style Bungalow Front Porch Addition by Archadeck

Craftsman Style Bungalow Front Porch Addition by Archadeck

In our last three posts, we’ve discussed deck and porch designs for contemporary, rustic and traditional homes.

To complete the discussion, let’s examine building an outdoor space for smaller homes such as ‘bungalows’ or ‘cottages’.

Often these two words are used to characterize any modest, 20th century house built with the American middle-class in mind.

As broad architectural descriptions, images of these structures might convey different things to different people; yet the labels ‘bungalow or cottage’ always express simplicity, efficiency and a certain ‘storybook’ charm.

Cottage-Style Garden Pergola by Archadeck

Cottage-Style Garden Pergola by Archadeck

St. Louis is filled with remarkable older homes and as a St. Louis contractor, Archadeck frequently works with homeowners who want to build a modern-day outdoor space that adapts to a 75 – 100 year old bungalow or cottage.

Sound impossible?  Not at all.

An experienced contractor can squeeze tasteful design features into a little bit of space, true-to-style.

So for those of you who prefer ‘small, cozy and historic’ to ‘big, fancy and brand new,’ you’ll feel right at home with these tips from Archadeck.

Bungalow architecture includes:

  • One-story building with an attic or a single upstairs-room
  • Compact; boxy in shape; efficient in design; economical; sturdy
  • Gentle and low- pitched roof; square or ‘chunky’ tapered columns
  • Craftsman architecture; vintage; retro

Deck and porch design tips for a bungalow:

Perfect Example of Bungalow Porch, Deck and Pergola Addition by Archadeck in Iowa

Perfect Example of Bungalow Porch, Deck and Pergola Addition by Archadeck in Iowa

  • Clean lines and natural materials like wood; a casual social style
  • Earthy colors and materials that reflect the outdoors; brown, gray, coppery reds, tans, greens
  • Inviting entryways for home or garden; wide porches, verandas, pergolas
  • Simple decks; proportional in size to the property; built-in benches or flower boxes
  • Screened porches with exposed rafters; decorative beams; low or wide eaves
  • A deck or screen porch to extend the living space without drastically altering the house footprint

Cottage architecture includes:

  • Romantic, simple and serene; carefree
  • ‘Restrained’ palette’ with ‘chalky’ colors; soft blues, grays, white, off-white
  • Steep roofs with one or more gables; arches
  • Fashionably nostalgic; emphasis on beautiful garden; people-friendly

Deck and porch design tips for a cottage:

Cottage Style Screened Porch by Archadeck

Cottage Style Screened Porch by Archadeck

  • Visually smaller architecture; emphasis on a garden
  • Structures should create natural connection between home and outdoors
  • Modern decking materials or traditional woods can be used; tongue and groove
  • Prominent roofline; steep pitch truss; white bead board ceiling finish
  • Crisp railing; picket privacy wall or fence; simple post caps; lantern lights
  • Minimal ornamentation; quaint

Key Takeaways:

For our purposes here, smaller homes can often be described as a bungalow or cottage style.  Hallmark signs of a bungalow are tied to Craftsman construction with a vintage or retro motif.  Cottages, on the other hand, are often associated with a beautiful garden in a ‘romantic’, serene setting or a weekend ‘country’ house.  These styles are being seen in brand new housing developments too, modified for today’s market.

Even though they’re different, cottages and bungalows are two of America’s favorite historic styles.  And being aware of your home’s original architecture will help you and your contractor develop a great design plan to complement any house, no matter the age.

Ipe Hardwood Deck for Historic Home in St. Louis  Mo, by Archadeck

Ipe Hardwood Deck for Historic Home in St. Louis Mo, by Archadeck

Next Steps:

Does your home resemble a cottage or bungalow?

Well if it does and you’re a St. Louis homeowner who’s in-love with your charming, historic home but are looking for ways to update your outdoor space, please give Archadeck a try.

When it comes to outdoor living, we provide small space solutions — and big ones too!

We serve all of the metropolitan St. Louis area including historic districts throughout the city and county including Webster Groves, Kirkwood, Glendale, Richmond Heights, St. Louis Hills and more.

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