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Open Porch by Archadeck

Open Porch by Archadeck – Beautiful Backyard Blog

Mosquitoes on a deck or porch can be a nuisance.

But there’s no need to let those pesky insects keep you from enjoying time on your deck because there ARE remedies.

In fact, the simplest ‘mosquito-busting’ solution just might surprised you.

Keep reading.

You’ll be glad you did!

According to The American Mosquito Control Association the best defense is a good offense.

First, ‘remove any mosquito friendly habitat’ from your property.  The biggest culprit is standing water which is a breeding ground for larvae.

Check flower-pot saucers, buckets and any other place that water collects.  Change the water frequently in wading pools, bird baths and pet dishes.  Clean rain gutters if necessary.

Deck Design with Mosquito Curtains by Archadeck, Chicago

Deck Design with Mosquito Curtains – Archadeck Chicago

Mosquito-repellents for skin or clothing?

“Deet” is the protective ingredient in these products and it’s EPA approved.

50+ years of research shows, when used correctly, Deet formulations seem to have a good safety record.

Picaridin and Synthesized Plant Oils are also deemed safe and effective Deet alternatives.

The best resources we’ve found on this topic include WebMD, Consumer Reports and outdoor health/recreation business-sites like REI.  If you have children, check with your pediatrician and if you have pets, check with the vet.

It’s a mixed bag when it comes to reviews for other gizmos, gadgets, and theories about mosquito-control.

The actual effectiveness of bug zappers, DIY misting systems, ultrasonic or CO2 expelling devices, magnets, traps, certain plants and other home concoctions are widely debated.   There’s benefit to burning citronella candles; the smoke emitted is a mosquito-irritant, maybe more than citronella itself.

So what IS the best way to eliminate mosquitos on your deck?

Decorative Outdoor Fan from Camelot Living

Outdoor Fan from Camelot Living

A fan.  That’s right, a fan!

Here’s why it works. And it’s not very complicated.

Mosquitoes are feeble and fragile flyers.  They simply can’t fight the wind produced by a fan.  Apparently it’s true because the theory is backed by universities, entomologists and the American Mosquito Control Association.

Where to purchase an outdoor fan?

From big box retailers to specialty stores, outdoor fans are readily available.

Choices include floor models, wall mounted or tall pedestal fans — from flashy decorative designs to the less expensive standard types and everything in-between.

And if your deck design includes a shade structure, then your builder should mount a fan(s) directly on a pergola, porch or gazebo ceiling.

Yep the best way to eliminate mosquitoes on your deck is with a fan!

Screened-in Deck by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

Screened-in Deck by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

Oh wait, here are three more suggestions.

A mosquito curtain for a deck or porch made from netting is an effective and stylish way to block mosquitoes.

A screened-in deck also bans the bugs while providing your home with a wonderful outdoor room.

Or check out Mosquito Squad for barrier protection and other services.

Key Takeaways:

Don’t let mosquitoes keep you from enjoying your deck.

Go on the offense and eliminate their habitat by removing standing water.

Some anti-mosquito gizmos and gadgets on the market today, could be a waste of money.  Do your homework before making a large investment.

Get your doctor’s recommendation for using over-the-counter, EPA-approved mosquito repellents and their safe-use, health-wise.

And most importantly, try using a fan or installing mosquito curtains as simple, non-toxic ways to keep the bugs-at-bay…. because they work!

Next Steps?

Covered Deck Ceiling Finish with Fans by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

Covered Deck Ceiling Finish with Fans by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

If you want to use the living space outside your home and you’re looking for a reputable contractor for a deck, porch or other outdoor space, please consider Archadeck.

We provide great service and built great projects.  It’s that simple!

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