'Outdoor Room' with Levels, Lattice and Roof by Archadeck

Outdoor Room with Deck Levels, Roof and Lattice Privacy Screen by Archadeck

Think about it.

Before ‘outdoor living spaces’ became a popular trend, folks created impromptu ‘outdoor rooms’ in all sorts of ways.

A blanket spread-out for a picnic, a tent for backyard camping or a fort constructed with sheets draped over tree branches simulated the concept.

Everybody loves an outdoor room.

They’re fun!

Beyond ‘fun,’ any outdoor room is functional too by adding usable square footage to your home and backyard.

Outdoor Dining Room, Deck Design by Archadeck

Deck Design by Archadeck

It might sounds cliché, but in today’s market this type of home improvement will bring real dollar-value to your property.

The precise return-on-investment may vary by city or neighborhood but generally speaking, homes with an outdoor space are in-demand.

So now you may be wondering, “OK.  How do I actually add an outdoor room?”

The honest answer is, there are a lot of ways and we’ve outlined five specific strategies for your consideration right here.

And no matter if you can budget for a large-scale project or just want to begin by dressing-up an existing patio, an outdoor room can be in your future.

Pergolas create an outdoor room

If you have an existing deck or patio, consider a pergola addition.  Pergolas create significant shade and add a sense of enclosure too; yet, they cost less than a solid roof structure.  A pergola might be a great way to start.

Pergola for Backyard Patio by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

Pergola for Backyard Patio by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

Add stylish weather-proof furniture for comfortable seating or dining and VOILA, you have a bona fide outdoor room.

Go a step further and add an overhead canopy or hanging plants to supplement shade and intimacy.

Hang an outdoor mirror for depth and dimension.  Use benches as borders.  And don’t forget lighting.

Portable lanterns, string globe lights or an installed overhead light-fixture with a fan will work too.

Decks create an outdoor room

Unlike patios, any deck can be designed with one or more level changes with framing and stairs.  This is a fabulous way to visually form and differentiate activity-zones and direct traffic, efficiently.

Deck with Level Changes by Archadeck

Beautiful Deck Design with Level Changes and Diagonal Floor Boards by Archadeck

In addition to multi-levels, different colored planks or deck-board patterns can mark-out spaces too.

Either a subtle plane elevation or a surface pattern on a deck act as an area rug does, indoors.

The trick is to avoid a visual deluge by overdoing it.

To be effective, patterns shouldn’t inundate the space and level-changes should be gradual, graceful and seamless.  Avoid disjointed fragmentation.

As a side note:  Theoretically a patio might be designed with levels; however, extensive excavation and retaining walls will add significant costs, making a multi-level deck a better alternative for most homeowners.

Privacy walls create an outdoor room

What makes an interior room a ‘room’?  Walls.

Deck Privacy Wall by Archadeck in St. Louis

Deck Privacy Wall by Archadeck in St. Louis

And there’s no faster or budget-friendly way to add a ‘wall’ than with a stylish privacy screen.

Nowadays, most residential home lots are shrinking-in-size while the demand for outdoor spaces continues to increase; thus, privacy features are not only desirable to create the ‘feel’ of an outdoor room, they’re often necessary to separate adjoining yards.

Other first-rate options to enhance privacy and buffer noise include: a row of containers with tall planting, layered landscaping, a trellis for creeping vines, evergreen hedges, outdoor curtains, lattice or fabric panels.

A roof creates an outdoor room

Deck with Open Gazebo Roof Structure by Archadeck

Deck with Open Gazebo Roof Structure by Archadeck

There are several fabulous ways to add a permanent and solid roof for an open outdoor room such as a covered deck, porch, gazebo or pavilion.

Generally speaking there are three types of roofs: shed, hip and gable.

Interior ceiling finishes include flat or vaulted and exposed or enclosed rafters constructed from wood, vinyl or beadboard materials.

But in the end, the specific type and style of roofing may be dictated by the architectural opportunities or limitations presented by your existing home and the building site itself.

A less costly but durable roofing alternative is underdecking.  Where applicable, under deck ceilings are an ideal way to create a dry outdoor space below an elevated deck.

But if you’re not ready to invest in a permanent roof structure, ‘portable’ covers include: very large umbrellas, tarps with metal poles or retractable awnings.

Screened-in decks, porches or patios create an outdoor room

Screened Porch Addition by Archadeck

Screened Porch Addition by Archadeck

Without a doubt, the best way — the best way — to build-out a ‘tried-and-true’ outdoor room is with a screened-in deck, screened porch or screened patio design.

Screened-in outdoor spaces have it all: shade, shelter, protection and privacy.

And they can stand alone or they can be part of a larger outdoor space, whichever you prefer.

Any custom-designed outdoor screen room is built especially for the homeowner according to the ideal design, size, materials, colors and budget specifications.

Key Takeaways

  • An outdoor room can include anything from a simple patio with a pergola, to a fully screened-in porch… and everything in-between.
  • You can start out gradually, and with proper planning, a larger-scale project can be implemented in-phases to spread out costs.
  • Consider accessories and conveniences such as shade, lighting and privacy features.
  • Be sure to blend and harmonize the building materials, color and style of your home’s interior rooms with your exterior space for a seamless transition, from inside to out.

But no matter the size or décor, your new outdoor room needs to be welcoming, comfortable and inviting so you’ll want to use it!

Next steps?

Wish to explore more options?  Visit our website or new Pinterest page for plenty of inspiration.

Elevated Deck with Underdecking for Screen Room by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

Elevated Deck with Underdecking for Screen Room by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

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