Covered Outdoor Space by Archadeck

Covered Outdoor Space by Archadeck

It’s time to bring the man cave above ground, especially now that football season is here.

There’s nothing better than watching the big-game with family, friends, food and drink… outside!

And here’s how to make it enjoyable with an outdoor space.

The Right Size

When it comes to designing an outdoor space, entertaining is a hot-topic.  And if hosting get-togethers is important to you, then first consider the number of folks on your typical guest list and try to tailor the space to fit that purpose.

But that’s not all.  There are many other determining factors.

Neighborhood – For the best value, choose a project design that’s consistent with your home and the neighborhood.

Elevated Deck with Bar and Hot Tub by Archadeck

Elevated Deck with Bar and Hot Tub by Archadeck

Think of the Goldilocks principle — not too large, not too small, just right.  Build large enough for your needs but don’t go overboard.

Home and lot – How will the layout fit-in with your existing house?

You’ll want pleasing proportions, efficient traffic patterns and seamless integration with the grade of your lot, the existing trees or other landscaping.

Attached or detached – How will an outdoor space attach to the house, if at all?  How do you want it to look, visually?  And can your vision be  accomplished structurally?

Architecture technicalities or constraints – Getting permits and complying with local building codes will influence floors, rails, stairs, roof, joists, beams and footings.  This, in turn, might influence design and construction.

Furnishing requirements – What type of furniture do you want or need?  Allow space for each piece and a comfort-zone around it.

The size of an outdoor space is certainly a personal decision; however, determining the exact dimensions  can be a little tricky and an experienced contractor will be helpful with design.

The Right Accessories

Open Outdoor Space by Archadeck

Open Outdoor Space by Archadeck

Once the architectural details are determined next comes outfitting the outdoor ‘man cave’.

You’ll need some comfortable furniture and, of course, a television.

Good-lookin’, weather-resistant furniture is available at big box retailers or specialty stores.  There are styles for everyone and in every price category.

We have a board on Pinterest that’s a terrific resource for outdoor furniture ideas.  Check it out by clicking this link.

Electronic-wise, the safest bet is any product designed especially for outdoor use.  Sunbrite is best-known for outdoor televisions that resist temperature, rain or humidity but go ahead and spring for the dust-cover to protect your investment.  As a less expensive alternative, check out The TV Shield which is an enclosure case to protect a ‘regular’ television, inside or out.  Some people add a surround-sound system too.

Screen Porch and Spa Deck by Archadeck

Screen Porch and Spa Deck by Archadeck

Other creature comforts include:

A screened-in area, lighting, fans and a grilling spot are the most requested features for an outdoor space.  Hot tubs, spas and fire features are popular too.

Lighting is simple to install, both technically and cost-wise.  Lights add ambience and safety when incorporated in rails and steps; they extend the use of your deck, porch or patio into evening hours.

And it’s ‘a breeze’ to add a ceiling fan (pun intended!) to any overhead structure.  Definitely do this.

A grilling station might include a bump-out nook, raised level or open deck adjacent to a screen room; however, if you’re interested in a full-blown outdoor kitchen… well, that’s a different story.

Read ‘Grill Deck vs. Outdoor Kitchen’ to find out which is right for you.

So when it comes to add-ons, shop around a bit to find the style and price-range for the accessories you want.  And talk to your builder too!

The Right Food

Well, as a contractor we won’t cook the food for you but we can certainly send you in the right direction.  For online resources about outdoor cooking and game-day grub, take a look at: Grillin Fools right here in St. Louis. or Big Green Egg,, Food Network.

There’s no shortage of fantastic recipes for a game-day bash.  Get creative.

Key Takeaways

So if the inside of your home is short on space, it might be time to take the man cave outdoors.

Even a smaller deck or screened porch equipped with a couple of chairs, a television and a grill will qualify.

Hardwood Deck and Gazebo by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

Deck and Gazebo by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

All you need is a little elbow room.

Or elaborate with a fully equipped outdoor kitchen and dining area, big-screen television and surround-sound system, sofa sectional and tables, fire pit or fireplace, hot tub, lighting and more.

It’ll be ‘Man-tastic’.

But remember:  There’s no substitute for a good plan to ensure proper sizing, building code compliance and construction considerations.  Talk to a reputable and experienced contractor.

Next Steps?

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