In our previous post we wrote about 2014 outdoor living trends.  Now let’s tackle three topics — building materials, design/style, and accessories —  as we preview 2015.

Customer surveys, industry research and plain-old-observation have led niche experts to predict what’s hot for the year ahead.  So as the debate rages on, let’s take a look at trend-spotting when it comes to outdoor living!

1.  Building Materials:

Low Maintenance Multilevel Deck by Archadeck

Low Maintenance Multilevel Deck by Archadeck

Tens-of-thousands of people visit our blog, annually.

And this year, folks were reading A LOT about building materials, especially those articles comparing wood, composite and vinyl decking.

In the U.S., wood is still king when it comes to the sheer number of deck installations.

But premium, low-maintenance products such as TimberTech, AZEK, Fiberon, Trex (and others) have evolved and are gaining market-share too.

Homeowners, today, are blessed with product options galore!

In our opinion, however, there’s no single, magic bullet or perfect brand.  Choosing a material comes down to personal preference, plain and simple.

For example, do you love the innate characteristics of real wood more than you hate the idea of wood’s maintenance requirements?  Or will you trade the look of natural materials for the convenience and higher cost of man-made stock?

How about your budget?

Hardwood Pool Deck by Archadeck

Hardwood Pool Deck by Archadeck

When it comes to price, pressure treated lumber and cedar are more economical than synthetics.  Exotic and elegant hardwoods reign supreme.

With this in mind, would you prefer a large structure built with a lower-cost product or does a small space designed for ‘bite-sized-decadence’ appeal most?

Bottom line – the choice is yours and any outdoor addition, regardless of the material, can be a stand-out project.

2.  Design and Style:

Inside View of Outdoor Room by Archadeck

Inside View of Outdoor Room by Archadeck

What’s in fashion when it comes to outdoor living style in 2015?

Anything that makes the outside of a home look and feel like the inside!

Homeowners everywhere want to recreate the comfort and usability of their interior spaces, outside too.

Roofs, ceiling and walls are red hot.

With the right design, a pergola, privacy screen, underdecking or screen porch can be built to give you a complete outdoor room, on any budget.

Sophisticated seating is expected.

A few mesh folding chairs just won’t do.

Today’s seating includes built-in benches, hammocks, swings, plush comfy couches and chairs.

Ipe Hardwood Deck by Archadeck

Outdoor Dining and Raised Grill Deck by Archadeck

Dining and cooking are must-have features.

From small grilling areas to high-end outdoor kitchens, folks want to cook and eat on their deck, porch or patio.

Lighting, everywhere.

Lighting defines your outdoor space, directs your eye for visual aesthetics and extends usage into the night.

Lighting boosts mood and safety.

From low voltage to solar to LED lights, products are especially designed for outside environments as built-ins or attachments for walls, ceilings, deck post and step risers as well as landscape installation.

3.  Accessories:

With a decrease in home size comes an ever-increasing interest in outdoor living spaces as homeowners expand their house, outdoors; as a result, demand exists for outdoor products with a focus on convenience, comfort, entertainment and decoration.


Covered Deck with Weatherproof Furnishings and Curtains, photo by Archadeck

Covered Deck with Weatherproof Furnishings and Curtains, photo by Archadeck

-warming features such as pedestal or wall mounted space heaters, table top fire features, fire pit or outdoor fireplace

-cooling features like a ceiling or pedestal fan, mister cooling system or canopies

-electrical and wireless access; outdoor television or sound system; insect traps; deck area for container gardening; mosquito curtains; weatherproof pillows and cushions; lanterns, torches, string lights; smokers, grills and more


As consumers have become more mindful of costs and consumption, U.S. houses have decreased in size; now more than ever, outdoor spaces are viewed as a true extension of indoor spaces and as an economical alternative to moving.

Since structures like decks and screened porches are built to last for years, many people prefer traditional designs; however, vivid color and fashion-forward accessories can easily be changed-out, season-to-season and year-to-year in order to reflect trends.

Next Steps?

Custom Decks, Screened Porches, and Pergolas in St. Louis by Archadeck

Custom Decks, Screened Porches, and Pergolas in St. Louis by Archadeck

If you’d like to explore more options when it comes to outdoor living trends, join us on Pinterest and Google+ for information from all around the web and Archadeck too.

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Best wishes for 2015!

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