Most folks think of an outdoor room as a space that is physically enclosed like a sunroom or a screened porch.

Large Deck with Elaborate Deck Board Pattern by Archadeck

Large Deck with Partial Roof Cover and Elaborate Floor Board Pattern by Archadeck

But did you know that you can designate different ‘outdoor rooms’ with a deck floor pattern as well?

Next, top off your deck with a roof, pergola or canopy.

VOILA, you have an outdoor room at a fraction of the cost of a sunroom or enclosed porch.

So what types of surface board designs are best for a deck?

Well, ‘it depends’ because possibilities and price-points abound.

Angled and diagonal decking or perimeter border patterns are the most popular and economical choices.

Outdoor Dining Room Created with Deck Board Pattern by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

Outdoor Dining Room Created with Deck Board Pattern by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

Other designs include custom inlays, nestled squares, basket weave or the zigzag style of herringbone and chevron.

Deck with Herringbone Floor  Pattern by Archadeck

Deck with Herringbone Floor Pattern by Archadeck

As built-in patterns become more elaborate, construction and material costs rise; but impressive designs can be built economically too.  It just takes a little know-how!  And that’s where a reputable and experienced deck contractor can help.

For starters, consider these three questions for incorporating a floor design:

  • Will you have an overhead structure?  If so, imagine the visuals up-top.  Curves complement curves, straight lines complement straight lines, squares complement squares…well,  you get the picture.  Keep the style somewhat uniform.
  • How will your floor patterning tie-in with your rails?  As a rule of thumb, it’s best when floor and rails provide a sense of balance.  For example, if you want arched railing, then consider an inlay with arcs too.
  • How will your floor design affect décor?  If you choose an intricate floor pattern, avoid overly ‘busy’ décor.

Think of your outdoor living addition in its entirety and strive for a finished product in which individual components synthesize and naturally flow between your exterior AND interior spaces.

Of course, if you’d rather not commit to a built-in surface design, simply use an outdoor rug to introduce pattern.  And change-it-up whenever the mood strikes!  Nowadays, outdoor rugs are readily available from big box retailers to specialty stores and can be simplest solution of all!

Casuwel Outdoor Furniture and Rug

Casuwel Outdoor Furniture and Rug

Next Steps

If you live in the Greater St. Louis, Missouri region and are ready to talk with a contractor, please consider Archadeck.  We’re locally owned and operated with offices in St. Louis West County.  We specialize in custom decks, screened porches, pergolas, gazebos and other outdoor living spaces.

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Custom Deck Floor Board Pattern by Archadeck in St. Louis Mo

Custom Deck Floor Board Pattern by Archadeck in St. Louis Mo

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