Matt Victor, Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems and Associates Degree in Graphic Design

Matt Victor, Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems and Associates Degree in Graphic Design

After 28 years in business, an article such as this is a ‘first’ for us but a fella name Matthew Victor deserves to be featured in a blog post all-his-own.

In recognition of your work ethic and design skills, here’s to you Matt!

Born and raised in St. Louis, Matt is a 26 year old 2014 graduate of the University of Missouri in St. Louis with a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems.

To complement his business and technology credentials, he’s earning a second degree in Graphic Design at SLCC.

Fortunately for us, we learned that Matt was looking for an internship opportunity where he could apply classroom knowledge in a real-life business setting.

After entertaining the idea and after meeting with him, we said yes.  Most definitely yes!

Matt quickly absorbed the mission (and complexities) of our small business as well as the concept (and more complexities) of our local marketing strategy.  Then he went right to work.

Why are we so impressed with Matt?

Responsible and Reliable

Matt has approached this unpaid internship as though it was a full-time, salaried position.  From the start, he took our business seriously and has applied his skills to benefit marketing goals.

Matt is a masterful, multi-tasker.  In spite of a full college course-load and a paying job too, his graphic designs have been spot-on and on-time.  Whether it was via emails, phone calls, face-to-face meetings or project delivery, he demonstrates consistent follow-through.  Every.  Single.  Time.

Communication, Collaboration and Autonomy

Matt exhibits an ideal balance of effective communication and collaboration skills, in just the right doses.  He listens, then connects-the-dots to carry-out the task-at-hand.  He has worked well independently, with little direction, to achieve real results.  He demonstrates professionalism.  And he produces.

Refined Designs and Details

Eager to learn and motivated to improve, Matt understands the importance of details.   Open minded to suggestions and able to self-evaluate, working with him has been easy and effortless.  He’s a genuine guy who works, not only hard, but smart.

Here at Archadeck of West County in St. Louis, we began this internship-experiment expecting to mentor and guide a college student.  Maybe a bit of that occurred; however, we’ve come to respect Matt’s skills when it comes to graphic design and more.

As a result, we’ve hired Matt for two free-lance projects.  His work is worthy of compensation.  He’s earned it.

Matthew Victor, UMSL, 2014

Matthew Victor, Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems, UMSL, 2014

Matt enjoys photography, the outdoors and is a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals, Rams and Blues professional sports teams.  With a solid grasp of digital marketing and social media, his design experience includes photo retouching, graphic production and interactive design.  He’s beginning to master the-art-of-video too.

To learn more about Matt and how he may be able to help your business or organization, contact him at

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