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Are backyard gazebos trending in 2016? You bet!

As an enhancement to any deck, patio or garden, not only are gazebos visually pleasing, they’re functional too.

A gazebo will provide a charming cubby from springtime showers, a breezy respite on warm summer days and a special place to enjoy autumn temperatures and seasonal color.

Deck Designed with a Gazebo, by Archadeck

Deck Designed with a Gazebo, by Archadeck

They can be a fabulous free-standing or cozy combination structure, and style-wise a gazebo might bring a classic or vintage air to your backyard or maybe a modern motif too. Read the rest of this entry »

Ready to add a deck to your home and backyard?  Want to go beyond a basic ‘builder-grade’ deck without excessive costs and complicated construction? You can you know!

Custom Deck Designs by Archadeck

Custom Deck Designs by Archadeck

Jazzing-up an otherwise run-of-the-mill deck design is on the wish-list of most every homeowner.

Customization can be accomplished with simple solutions such as lights, levels and landscaping as well as privacy and protection.

Whether you want to use your deck for peace-and-quiet-time or you’re ready to get-the-party-started, by incorporating one or more of these details, your project will be well-equipped. Read the rest of this entry »

Thinking about a new deck or replacing your old one?  Wondering how to find the color scheme that’s right for you? Well then, this article may help.

It’s no secret, color can make-or-break the look of your home, inside and out. Get the colors right and you’re on the path to a dynamite design.

Decks in St. Louis Mo by Archadeck of West County

Decks in St. Louis Mo by Archadeck of West County

But first, make sure the deck’s color-concept fits YOU — your preference, your style AND your existing house!

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Yep, it’s a real thing… ‘Deck Safety Month’ begins in May.

Sponsored by NADRA (North American Deck and Rail Association), ‘Deck Safety Month’ reminds homeowners to check-your-deck this spring.

May Is Deck Safety Moth

May Is Deck Safety Month

In our post highlighting safety last year, we wrote:

As decks across the U.S. have aged, proper maintenance and periodic inspections have sometimes been neglected or completely ignored. When those decks are packed-with-people during parties, prom photo-shoots or graduation events, a collapse can occur and cause serious injuries.

Or maybe the deck wasn’t built properly the first time.

A simple, seven-point inspection plan will help you spot trouble.  Use Archadeck’s acronym – BE SAFER (Boards, Every Connection, Structure, Attachment,Footings, Exists, Rails) for a DIY deck-check.

To read the full article, just go here: “How To Check Your Deck For Safety”.

This year, however, we’ve made things super-easy.  Watch Archadeck’s LIVE deck safety inspection right here to learn how to DIY.

Check Your Deck For Safety Video by Archadeck

Check Your Deck For Safety, Video by Archadeck

And finally, if you’d prefer a professional inspection, try Archadeck.

If you live in St. Louis or surrounding areas, you can reach us at 636-227-0800 or submit an online form ‘how can we help?’.

If you live outside of St. Louis, go to or call 888-687-3325.

Deck safety is always the best policy so be sure to check your deck!

Here in St. Louis, the air has lost its winter chill.  The sun is shining, trees are budding and temps have inched-up toward 80 degrees this week.

According to Mother Nature, it’s time to fire-up your lawnmower, the weed wacker and maybe the grill.

But is it time to renovate your outdoor living space too?

Decks with Pergolas by Archadeck, St. Louis, Mo

Decks with Pergolas by Archadeck, St. Louis, Mo

As the weather continues to warm, relief from the sun comes-to-mind and that’s where a pergola becomes your deck’s new-best-friend.

If you’re wondering about pergola possibilities, well just read on…

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Wondering where to begin when it comes to planning a deck or other outdoor space?  Well, wonder no longer.

Archadeck’s new design guide is here.  And best of all, it’s still free and even better than before!

Spacious Multilevel Composite Decks by Archadeck - Design Guide Download

Spacious Multilevel Composite Decks by Archadeck – Design Guide Download

With an improved online experience, you can easily flip through the design guide in its magazine format, watch a 4-part video series, zoom-in-or-out, download it, email it, link to it, share it, and then take advantage of a special offer too.

Crucial for project planning, the guide will take-you-through a series of pertinent questions to help define exactly what you want in an outdoor space.  In the end you’ll have your answers!  For instance…

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