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Loving Outdoor Living – Free Online Magazine

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When it comes to home improvement trends in 2015, outdoor spaces are simply not optional.  They are expected!

A backyard addition — such as a deck, screened porch, or patio pergola — is a must-have home feature and outdoor living is no longer a ‘fad’.

Size doesn’t seem to matter either.   Modest, minimalist designs with clean lines are really popular but so are weightier structures.  And of course, award-winning projects chock-full of fashionable flair are OK too!

Contemporary Screened Porch by Archadeck

Contemporary Screened Porch by Archadeck

In either scenario, ‘wasted space’ is a huge ‘no-no’.  Smart and efficient architecture is in demand with an emphasis on proportional form and tasteful decor to blend with your home — both inside and out.

Patio Pergola by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

Patio Pergola by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

So let’s look more closely at the ‘how, why and what’ of outdoor living in 2015.
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Well, the holidays are just around the corner and we’re headed for another new year!  In keeping with our annual December blogging theme, articles this month will provide ideas and resources for outdoor holiday decorations; gifts for the outdoor living lover; a round-up of outdoor living from 2015 and what’s coming down the pipeline in 2016.

So this week, let’s consider the ‘what,’ ‘where,’ and ‘how’s of decorating your home for the season, inside and out.  Whether you prefer to DIY or go to the pro’s there’s no shortage of possibilities.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations - Ideas and Resources by Archadeck

Outdoor Christmas Decorations – Ideas and Resources by Archadeck

What’s your style?

Do you have young children?  If so, the cartoon-ish and playful style of inflatables might be just the ticket.  Or handmade and homespun decorations often prove to be treasured keepsakes of parents and grandparents alike.  So if you’re looking for kid-friendly craft ideas, check out our Pinterest board – Winter Outdoor Spaces.

How about tech-savvy older kids?  Supersize your lawn with ginormous yard ornaments or a state-of-the-art light show automated from a smartphone!

And no matter your age, ditch those outdated string lights; instead, opt for trending and energy efficient LED’s, light strips, cordless lights or holographic lights. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s summer which means it’s time to get outdoors for grilling, dining, lounging and more!  So what’s stopping you?

Backyard Deck for Lounging, Grilling, Dining, by Archadeck

Backyard Deck for Lounging, Grilling, Dining, by Archadeck

Is your existing drab deck or plain patio preventing you from actually using your outdoor space?

Or is the problem bigger?

Is your backyard a barren wasteland and unconducive for lounging or entertaining… at all?

Well, you’ve come to the right place to either ‘fix-the-old’ or ‘design-the-new’ when it comes to outdoor living.

Let’s begin with some simple solutions to upgrade an existing deck or patio. Read the rest of this entry »

In our previous post we wrote about 2014 outdoor living trends.  Now let’s tackle three topics — building materials, design/style, and accessories —  as we preview 2015.

Customer surveys, industry research and plain-old-observation have led niche experts to predict what’s hot for the year ahead.  So as the debate rages on, let’s take a look at trend-spotting when it comes to outdoor living!

1.  Building Materials:

Low Maintenance Multilevel Deck by Archadeck

Low Maintenance Multilevel Deck by Archadeck

Tens-of-thousands of people visit our blog, annually.

And this year, folks were reading A LOT about building materials, especially those articles comparing wood, composite and vinyl decking.

In the U.S., wood is still king when it comes to the sheer number of deck installations.

But premium, low-maintenance products such as TimberTech, AZEK, Fiberon, Trex (and others) have evolved and are gaining market-share too.

Homeowners, today, are blessed with product options galore!

In our opinion, however, there’s no single, magic bullet or perfect brand.  Choosing a material comes down to personal preference, plain and simple.

For example, do you love the innate characteristics of real wood more than you hate the idea of wood’s maintenance requirements?  Or will you trade the look of natural materials for the convenience and higher cost of man-made stock?

How about your budget?

Hardwood Pool Deck by Archadeck

Hardwood Pool Deck by Archadeck

When it comes to price, pressure treated lumber and cedar are more economical than synthetics.  Exotic and elegant hardwoods reign supreme.

With this in mind, would you prefer a large structure built with a lower-cost product or does a small space designed for ‘bite-sized-decadence’ appeal most?

Bottom line – the choice is yours and any outdoor addition, regardless of the material, can be a stand-out project.

2.  Design and Style: Read the rest of this entry »

What we learned in 2014 is that outdoor living is here to stay.  Absolutely.

Multilevel Deck, St. Louis Mo by Archadeck

Multilevel Deck, St. Louis Mo by Archadeck

No ifs, ands or buts.

And more importantly, there’s no one right way to approach designing and building an outdoor space.

Every piece of property is different.  Every homeowner is different.

But we have noticed trends among consumers this year.

As the housing market has improved, more people are actually able to move; however, buyers are increasingly conservative, choosing homes with smart and practical designs.  The overall popularity of the ‘McMansion’ has dwindled.

Empty unused space is a ‘no no’ and folks expect useful living spaces, inside and out’; thus grows the appeal of an outdoor living space.

Elevated Deck with an Outdoor Room Underneath, Project  by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

Elevated Deck with an Outdoor Room Underneath, Project by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

On the other hand, for those homeowners who don’t want to move, they’re choosing to enhance the ambiance of what they already have.

This year customers have consistently expressed interest in expanding their property by transforming their backyard as an extension of their home to create a usable, relaxing retreat.

The philosophy has been to use every nook and cranny whenever possible!

So whether you live in a cottage or a castle, decks, screened porches, pergolas and other outdoor additions have become a must-have home feature.

And even though specific sizes and styles may vary from person-to-person, family-to-family or neighborhood-to-neighborhood, an outdoor living space seems to be on everyone’s wish list. Read the rest of this entry »


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