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World Class Franchise 2013Archadeck in St. Louis is part of the Archadeck Outdoor Living Brands franchise based in Richmond, Virginia.

In 1980, Archadeck began as a deck designer and deck builder for residential customers throughout the U.S.

Today Archadeck specializes, not only in decks, but in other outdoor living spaces as well, including screened porches, screen rooms, shade pergolas, gazebos, pavilions, under deck rooms and so much more.

This year, Archadeck Outdoor Living is among only 25 companies, nationwide, to earn the title of ‘2013 World Class Franchise’ awarded by the Franchise Research Institute.  Exceptional scores were received in categories including:  quality, communication, training, growth, and a commitment to excellence. Read the rest of this entry »

Screened Porches, Decks, Archadeck

Screened Porch over Deck by Archadeck

Archadeck of West County and St. Charles County in St. Louis, Mo is a part of the Archadeck Outdoor Living Brands franchise system which began over 30 years ago in Richmond, Virginia.

We are also the only Archadeck franchisee in the Greater St. Louis area serving St. Louis, St. Louis, County, West County, South County, St. Charles, St. Charles County and parts of Illinois too.

And as the only Archadeck in St. Louis,  we’ve just received exciting news from the prestigious Franchise Research Institute.

Archadeck Outdoor Living is just one of 25 companies, nationwide, to be placed on the 2013 World Class Franchise list after receiving high scores in quality, communication, growth, training and dedication to excellence.

This is wonderful news for our franchises’ brand and for our customers too. Read the rest of this entry »

St. Louis Decks by Archadeck

St. Louis Decks by Archadeck

Let’s simplify and start at the beginning.

Archadeck has been building custom designed decks, screened, open and front porches, gazebos, pergolas, and other outdoor living structures for over 30 years.

With offices across America, Archadeck has become the industry’s most trusted name as a reputable contractor, earning positive media coverage and trade awards nationally.  We set industry and business standards for excellence.

Archadeck of West County and St. Charles County  in St. Louis, Missouri is part of this world-class organization.  We promise (and deliver!) great designs with quality materials, plenty of value and first class service.

Custom Decks, St. Louis Mo, by Archadeck

St. Louis Custom Decks by Archadeck

Locally, we are a leading builder for decks and other outdoor structures throughout St. Louis, St. Louis County, St. Charles and St. Charles County in Missouri and parts of Illinois.

So if you live in our ‘neck of the woods’ and are thinking about adding an outdoor space to your home and backyard, give us a try!

We offer professional guidance and on-site quotes for any new project, at no charge.

Or if you have an existing but older deck (or other outdoor structure), we provide safety inspections. Then, if your deck is structurally sound — but could use a little ‘sprucing up’ — Archadeck offers remodeling and renovating services too.

All of our projects are backed by Archadeck and manufacturers’ warranties as well as general liability insurance.   With local oversight, we’re able to attend to every single detail in the process — from inital design renderings and professional contracts to securing building permits/inspections, to final cleanup.

For more information, visit our website –  Archadeck of West County and St. Charles County or call  – 636-227-0800.


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