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Ready to add a deck to your home and backyard?  Want to go beyond a basic ‘builder-grade’ deck without excessive costs and complicated construction? You can you know!

Custom Deck Designs by Archadeck

Custom Deck Designs by Archadeck

Jazzing-up an otherwise run-of-the-mill deck design is on the wish-list of most every homeowner.

Customization can be accomplished with simple solutions such as lights, levels and landscaping as well as privacy and protection.

Whether you want to use your deck for peace-and-quiet-time or you’re ready to get-the-party-started, by incorporating one or more of these details, your project will be well-equipped. Read the rest of this entry »

Deck Designs by Archadeck - Scenic View with Dining Area

Deck Designed for Scenic View and Dining, photo by Archadeck

A well designed deck will enhance scenic views, provide a smooth transition from inside your home to the outside, and optimize your backyard regardless of the layout — at grade-level, an uneven terrain or a deep slope.

And exactly how you plan to utilize your deck will have an impact on its overall design as well.

For example, folks who anticipate frequent dining on their deck will want it designed with readily available, kitchen access.

Homeowners that enjoy evening entertaining on a deck will undoubtedly incorporate accent and safety lighting.  Gardeners may want built-in storage areas or deck planters.

But no matter what your specific preferences are for usage, all deck designs should consider transitions and access; sun, shade and lighting; size and shape.

Deck Access and Transitions

Custom Deck Designs by Archadeck with Transitions

Deck Design with Seamless Transitions, photo by Archadeck

Easy access with well-designed transitions are imperative to ensure that the deck space is appealing, functional, safe and convenient.  Smooth traffic patterns and attractive visual connections from your home to your deck, and from your deck to your backyard, are essential.

Design questions for deck access and transitions include:  Where are doors located and will they slide or swing?  Will the deck be accessible from the first floor only, or from a second floor or walkout lower level too?  If your deck is elevated, how will stairs influence the design?  Are landings necessary?  Could a spiral staircase save space in tight spots?  Are there safety considerations for elderly relatives, children or pets?

And what about a visual transition from inside to out?  Will the deck be visible from the inside of your home and if so, how will it blend with the interior space? Read the rest of this entry »


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