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Are you thinking about adding a new deck or replacing an old one?  If so, are you wondering which type of deck design is practical, functional, attractive and most befitting your home and property?

Well, let’s begin by explaining the five most popular deck designs, from simple-to-elaborate and everything-in-between.

Platform Deck

A platform deck — also referred to as a low deck, grade-level deck, ground-level deck, patio deck or floating deck — is designed and built a few inches off the ground.  Simply put, it’s a (slightly!) elevated space to enjoy your backyard.

Detached Platform Deck with Pergola by Archadeck

Detached Platform Deck with Pergola by Archadeck

Low level decks are often attached to your home; however, a detached structure might work well too.  Some have railings.  Some don’t have rails.  And some use a bench in lieu of rails to help define the deck’s perimeter and provide seating as well. Read the rest of this entry »


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