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Decks and Screened Gazebos by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

Decks and Screened Gazebos by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo – Hardwood

It’s turning into a colorful fall season here in St. Louis, Missouri.

Baseball is winding down… football is winding up. The air is brisk and the skyline is crisp wth a backdrop of color-rich trees.

The earth-tones of autumn inspire, not only fashion and seasonal decorating, but outdoor designs too.

Outdoor living spaces such as decks, porches, screened rooms, patio enclosures, pergolas and gazebos are often designed and built with various woods:  treated wood, cedar, redwood, Ipe, or Tigerwood.  Outdoor living spaces built with wood are forever fashionable and always ‘in-style’.

Pine Wood Front Porch by Archadeck

Pine Wood Front Porch with Seasonal Decorations by Archadeck

Wood structures are durable and complement most any type of home and backyard.  Celebrate the seasonal color changes for wooden outdoor spaces with furniture cushions, pots of mums, pumpkins, corn stalks or even bales of hay.

However, with the availability of newer composite and vinyl building materials, a reputable and professional contractor like Archadeck, can ‘spice up’ your outdoor space with designs for a color theme that go beyond classic woods.  We offer an extensive color choice, or combination of colors, for your outdoor space.  Shades of oak, cedar, teak, cherry, walnut; rosewood, deep gray, blue-gray, khaki, forest green; bright white, classic black, and elegant metallic trims too. Read the rest of this entry »


Fall is here with crisp air and colorful skylines as the leaves turn shades of amber and red, yellow and orange, beige and bronze.  The hues of autumn are often a design inspiration for outdoor living spaces by Archadeck including building materials, accessories and your own personal touch of seasonal decorations.

View the slideshow below for autumnal ingenuity by Archadeck… Read the rest of this entry »

Wood Decks Designed and Built by Archadeck

Wood Decks Designed and Built by Archadeck

As we’ve said before (and we’ll probably say it again and again) there’s nothing quite like the beauty of real wood for an outdoor space.

For some reason, wood just ‘goes’ with anything outdoors.

However new breeds of building materials have ‘come-to-town’.

Composite, vinyl and capped composite for decks, screened porches, pergolas and other backyard structures can now effectively capture the essence of authentic wood.  Bona fide authenticity.

These decking materials are found in an array of colors from warm wood-tones, to deep browns, to beautiful neutrals like weathered gray.

Gray Composite Decking by Archadeck

Gray Composite Decking with White Railing by Archadeck

So maybe, just maybe, there IS something comparable to the beauty of wood after all.

Two noteworthy points:

1.  When compared to wood, composites and vinyls have lower maintenance requirements.

2.  Design-wise, ‘anything-goes’ with color and material combos for whatever style you’re craving:  classic, contemporary, traditional, rustic, elegant or casual.

So even though temperatures are rising here in St. Louis, embrace the ‘warmth’ of a myriad of ‘cool’, wood-tone colors for outdoor designs built by Archadeck. Read the rest of this entry »

Wood is beautiful, plain and simple, but…

There are new-generation building materials for decks, porches, pergolas and gazebos used to authentically capture the essence of wood’s true beauty.

Today’s composite, vinyl and capstock decking materials come in a variety of warm, wood-tone colors, providing consumers with an authentic alternative to traditional wood for outdoor living structures.

So even though the summer is certainly heating up here in St. Louis, and in other parts of the country as well, take a look at our project slideshow of warm colors that are really ‘cool’. Read the rest of this entry »

EverGrain Golden Oak Vibrance Deck in St. Louis by Archadeck

EverGrain Golden Oak Vibrance Deck in St. Louis, Fenton area – by Archadeck

With the EverGrain option, our customers find that a custom deck designed and built by Archadeck is affordable, durable, authentic and attractive.

Emulating the appearance of wood, low maintenance EverGrain composite, and newer capped composite, has color choices ranging from cedar, gray and redwood to forest green, walnut, teak and others.

Every year the product line changes and different color choices may be added depending on what’s in-fashion and trending.

Yet with color selections, homeowners may combine two or more colors in a deck’s floor board for an especially unique custom deck design.

And the choice of matching or contrasting rails will add another design element. Read the rest of this entry »

Gray Composite Deck by Archadeck

Gray Composite Deck by Archadeck

Update 11/6/13:  For our recent article about composite decking, check out Composite Decking Options.

Some folks feel that there’s nothing (and I mean absolutely nothing!) that rivals the good-looks of natural wood.

Other folks… not so much.

Instead, they view wood ‘as a whole lot of work’.

And as with most things in life, there’s never one definitive ‘right’ answer to the ongoing debate about wood vs. composite.

But for the purposes of this post, let me elaborate on why composite building materials do have a place in the decking industry. Read the rest of this entry »


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