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It’s summer which means it’s time to get outdoors for grilling, dining, lounging and more!  So what’s stopping you?

Backyard Deck for Lounging, Grilling, Dining, by Archadeck

Backyard Deck for Lounging, Grilling, Dining, by Archadeck

Is your existing drab deck or plain patio preventing you from actually using your outdoor space?

Or is the problem bigger?

Is your backyard a barren wasteland and unconducive for lounging or entertaining… at all?

Well, you’ve come to the right place to either ‘fix-the-old’ or ‘design-the-new’ when it comes to outdoor living.

Let’s begin with some simple solutions to upgrade an existing deck or patio. Read the rest of this entry »


If your backyard has limitations, don’t fret.  Instead, use the space to your advantage.  Begin by rethinking the square footage and use clever ideas to facilitate the best use of the property you DO have.

But how can a small outdoor space be designed with ‘big-heart’?

Deck with Built In Seating as Rails, by Archadeck

Deck with Built In Seating as Rails, by Archadeck

It’s easy with just a few tricks to bring simplicity and splendor.  Let’s explore how….

1.  Evaluate and reevaluate.  Revamp if necessary.

Exactly how do you currently use the outdoor space, if at all?  More importantly, how do you WANT to use it?

Do you love to entertain with a great-big-splash or do you prefer a quiet get-together with only a few guests?  Do you love sports and dream of watching the ‘big game’ outside or do you prefer to curl-up on a hammock with a good book?   Do you have children, pets or aging family members with safety needs?  And what about outdoor cooking… or gardening?

Deck with Outdoor Dining and Grilling, by Archadeck

Deck with Outdoor Dining and Grilling, by Archadeck

Asking and answering questions like these will help you decide the purpose and the plan for your deck, screen porch or other structure. Read the rest of this entry »

Decks and Porches by Archeck with Step Riser Lighting

Deck and Porch with Step Riser Lighting by Archadeck

“Outdoor living remains one of the fastest growing segments of residential construction,” according to David Barista, editor and professional builder at Housing Zone.

Buyer demand remains  strong for outdoor living additions when compared to just two years ago, with decks and screened porches as two of the best selling features for homes today.

“As homeowners look to extend living and entertainment spaces without greatly impacting budgets, more are choosing to build-out formal outdoor spaces.” ( – March 12, 2012)

The trend includes an increasing demand for the space outside to be comfortable and convenient.  Ideally, the usage of outdoor spaces should be conducive to rain or shine, day or night and usable for many seasons throughout the year. Read the rest of this entry »


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