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Platform Decks in St. Louis by Archadeck

St. Louis Platform Decks by Archadeck

Experienced deck contractors can easily expand your living room, family room or breakfast room by opening-up the first floor of your home to a deck that stretches along parts of, or the entire back of your house.

This type of deck is called a platform deck and can be constructed using wood, hardwood, composite or vinyl decking materials.

In addition, savvy design techniques can incorporate plenty of personality for a beautiful platform deck using:

  • angles and curves or other interesting shapes
  • raised areas for sitting or dining
  • shade with a gazebo or pergola
  • trellis or arbor for climbing plants
  • planters for potted plants
  • privacy screen for a hot tub or spa
  • decorative floor board patterns
  • decorative railing and balusters
  • deck lighting for stairs and rails
  • benches as railing for added seating and an unobstructed view
  • wide steps, double stair exit, or just a single step for connecting to the lawn Read the rest of this entry »
Deck, Pergola, Screened Porch by Archadeck

Deck, Pergola, Screened and Open Porch by Archadeck

The term ‘trifecta’ in horse racing lingo, is a bet or wager in which horses are predicted to win first, second and third place in that precise order.

However, ‘trifecta’ is also a term used to describe a situation where three elements join together, simultaneously.

And when it comes to outdoor spaces, Archadeck is synonymous with a trifecta.  Let me explain…

Years ago, a basic square or rectangular wood deck was the norm.

Today’s decks, however, are anything but basic. Read the rest of this entry »

Decks with Pergolas by Archadeck

Decks with Pergolas by Archadeck

Housing prices continue to  fall, the stock market is willy nilly, unemployment is unsteady, but consumer spending on outdoor living spaces is seeing an increase in many areas, including our ‘neck of the woods’ — St. Louis and St. Charles, Missouri.

The reason…  basic economics.

As mentioned previously , a recent US News article, “Adding A Deck:  A Cost Effective Way To Protect Your Home’s Value,” gave a thumbs up and favorable review for deck additions, as do other industry-related studies.

Backyard Pavilions by Archadeck

Backyard Garden Pavilions by Archadeck

A deck, porch or gazebo, adds aesthetic appeal and square footage for a home, providing a spot for family and friends to congregate, especially when built just off the kitchen or family room.

A deck or porch addition is significantly lower in cost when compared to a room addition; often less than half the price.

And ever since the housing decline began in 2006, homeowners are deciding to stay-put, focusing on comfort and practicality rather than flashy home improvement upgrades.  Adding a deck, porch, screened room, pavilion or gazebo fits the criteria – cost-effective and practical with a solid return on investment. Read the rest of this entry »


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