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Thinking about adding a backyard deck to your home this year? Wondering how to avoid the builder-grade, cookie-cutter look without spending a fortune?

Whether you’re seeking a little or a lot of customization, we’ve got some great ideas for you when it comes to deck design.

Custom Decks by Archadeck

Custom Decks by Archadeck

Learn how to use boards, rails, balusters, lights, stairs, seating, planters or even a roof to take your deck from ‘ gosh that’s nice’ to ‘Ohhh WOW!’. Read the rest of this entry »

Composite Decking with Level Changes by Archadeck

Composite Decking with Level Changes by Archadeck

Decks are a fabulous space for outdoor living and a perfect place to entertain.  But how you want to use your deck will determine how to build your deck.  Deck design is everything!

There are five basic deck types:  platform deck, raised deck, two-story deck, multi level deck and free-standing deck.

Today, let’s focus on the multi level deck design.

St. Louis Decks by Archadeck in Wildwood Mo - Multilevel

Multi Level Vinyl Deck in Wildwood, Mo by Archadeck

Building a deck with multiple levels adds architectural interest, provides space for various outdoor ‘rooms’, bridges the gap between home and yard, accentuating a backyard view.

Archadeck can create deck spaces for specific purposes by:

  • adding small steps for minor level changes
  • varying the orientation of deck boards for visual definition
  • including privacy rail or lattice for intimate nooks
  • building around the existing trees to maintain natural shade
  • designing staircases for large level transitions and logical traffic flow

Other deck ideas to consider include: Read the rest of this entry »


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