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New Deck Replacement, St. Louis Mo, Archadeck

New Elevated Deck in St. Louis West County, Ballwin area, by Archadeck

As time passes, weather conditions and daily wear-and-tear can take its toll on a backyard deck.

And just like any other type of home maintenance, deck cleaning, repair or replacement is simply a part of a home’s up-keep.

But if your old deck needs a complete tear-down, it’s best to leave it to the professionals because replacement can be tricky and involves more than just cosmetics.

It involves safety, particularly for raised, elevated, multilevel or two story decks.

Two Story Decks, St. Louis Mo, by Archadeck

Two Story Deck for Outdoor Living and Entertaining, St. Louis, Mo by Archadeck

A professional contractor or inspector can best help you determine the safety of your existing structure with tips for repairs or, if needed, a design plan for building a replacement deck too.

But maybe, just maybe, a full deck replacement isn’t necessary.

Thus, a little self-help advice or a plan for remodeling could be just-enough to revive an outdoor space for aesthetics, usability and safety.

Suggestions worth considering: Read the rest of this entry »

Decks by Archadeck in St. Louis - TimberTech Terrain

Decks by Archadeck in St. Louis – TimberTech Terrain

A cost-effective and valuable way to improve your home is with a deck addition or a deck remodel.

Decks increase a home’s value while extending the home’s livable square footage for family gatherings, weekend BBQ’s, entertaining, birthday or graduation parties and even the kid’s sleepovers.

However, when building a deck on any type of property, the importance of deck safety is crucial.  Deck design, planning and building should only be performed by professional contractors to ensure safety as well as adherence to local building codes.

Every year people are injured when they attempt to build a home deck themselves or hire people who do not have the construction expertise for proper deck safety. Read the rest of this entry »

On Tuesday, August 14th 2012, The Today Show aired a fact-filled investigative story by National Correspondent Jeff Rossen about the hazards which occur when a deck collapses.

Multilevel, New Vinyl Deck, photo courtesy of TimberTech

Multilevel, New Vinyl Deck, photo courtesy of TimberTech

Deck safety can be ensured with just a few simple steps for deck inspection, deck repair or deck replacement to avoid collapse and potential injury.

Watch the video about deck safety by following the story link, Today Show MSNBC and The Rossen Report.

Report highlights include two key points:

Decks are a functional and attractive outdoor space; however if a deck wasn’t built properly or hasn’t been maintained properly, a deck can ‘fall apart right under your feet… in a split second’.

A deck collapsing is a hazard that many folks never think about.  And according to industry home inspectors, 80% of older decks have safety issues with rotting/splintered wood, failing board connections or problem anchors and unstable railings. Read the rest of this entry »


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