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Deck - Before Replacement

Older Deck – Before Replacement

Each year homeowners spend thousands-of-dollars on home improvement projects for their house, inside and out.

And rightly so, people should expect quality products and top-notch service for their hard-earned money.

But alas.  Things in-and-around the house eventually need fixing or replacement.  Nothing lasts forever.

So when it comes to a backyard deck, how long should it be expected to last?

Well, it depends but deck remodeling, redecking or replacement are great options for improvement.

Deck Replacement and Remodel by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

Deck Remodel/Replacement by Archadeck in St. Louis

As a rule-of-thumb a well-built wood deck can easily last 10 – 20 years.

And decks designed and built with quality composite or vinyl materials can last even longer.

Of course, extreme weather or neglected maintenance will reduce its life expectancy.

Most customers periodically update their deck well-before it simply wears out.  And just like interior rooms folks tend to rejuvenate their outdoor spaces, every-so-often, with a deck remodel or replacement.

BUT if an older deck doesn’t pass a safety check list, then total replacement should be considered.

Deck Remodel To avoid the cost of a total deck replacement, consider a facelift. Read the rest of this entry »

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Newly Constructed, Elevated Deck with Pergola, photo by Archadeck

In 2006, the month of May was designated by  NADRA — North American Deck and Railing Association — as Deck Safety Month in response to injuries resulting from older, unsafe decks that have collapsed.

Thus, ‘Deck Safety Month’ is a perfect reminder to schedule a professional deck safety inspection with a reputable contractor this Spring.

Statistically, there are over 40 million aging decks, 20 years old or older, across the United States.

Professionals in the building industry suggest having any deck over 7 years old checked for safety because with age, decks can become a hazard to people, particularly when the deck is raised, elevated or multi-tiered. Read the rest of this entry »

The economy has left many homeowners delaying the inspection and repair of decks and other outdoor structures such as porches, gazebos and pergolas.  Take advantage of Archadeck’s new “Be Safer” campaign, offering tips for homeowners to ensure deck safety.

According to a press release by Archadeck, “As homeowners review their budgets for this year, many are considering where to spend money to maintain and update their homes.”  The local deck and outdoor living experts at Archadeck, serving St. Louis and St. Charles, are reminding homeowners to check their decks for safety concerns to prevent accidents. To ensure safety, particularly for decks that are older than 10 years, here are seven deck safety guidelines: Read the rest of this entry »


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