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Decks and Screened Porches, by Archadeck

Deck and Attached Screened Porch with Gable Roof by Archadeck

Beyond a pergola, gazebo or pavilion, another terrific way that contractors can add shade for your deck, patio or backyard is with a porch addition.

A custom designed and built porch — front porch, back porch, open porch, screened porch, or screen room — can be a beautiful respite from the heat.

Porch additions are clearly a ‘breath of fresh air’.

Pun intended.

Decks and porches provide style and comfort for outdoor living and the covered roof allows for easy installation of ceiling fans and lighting.

With a screened-in porch beside a deck, under a deck (or as a stand-alone structure) the outdoor space provides shelter and protected ventilation.  ‘Bugs be gone!’

And for those trivia-buffs out there:  ‘Wired Windows’ (aka window screens) became a novel and popular idea in the late 1800’s.  Ingenious right? Read the rest of this entry »

Screened Porches with Decks in St. Charles, Mo by Archadeck

Screened Porch with Deck for Sloping Lot, St. Charles Mo by Archadeck

A porch, whether it’s a front porch, back porch or screened porch, is a beautiful way to bridge the gap between your home and the outdoors.

A front porch says, “Welcome Home… come on in!”

A back porch says, “Sit down, relax, let’s talk and watch the world go by.”

And a screened porch is the perfect way to enjoy outdoor living with protection from the wind, sun, rain and insects.

Porch additions are an impressive, attractive and economical way to transition from your home to enjoy your yard.

Porches add curbside appeal, functional space and square footage to your home as well. Read the rest of this entry »

A slide show of porches — with and without decks — that bridge the gap between home and yard.

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Open Porch with Deck by Archadeck

Open Porch with Deck by Archadeck

Are you entertaining the idea of adding an outdoor space to your home this year?

A screened porch or a covered porch is a solid choice and money well-spent, offering sheltering spaces plus good-old-fashioned charm.

Porches are utterly contagious — once you’ve had one, you’ll never (ever!) want to go back to not having one.

St. Louis homeowners who’ve added some type of porch, consistently tell us ‘We live on the porch — spring, summer and fall!”

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