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When it comes to home improvement trends in 2015, outdoor spaces are simply not optional.  They are expected!

A backyard addition — such as a deck, screened porch, or patio pergola — is a must-have home feature and outdoor living is no longer a ‘fad’.

Size doesn’t seem to matter either.   Modest, minimalist designs with clean lines are really popular but so are weightier structures.  And of course, award-winning projects chock-full of fashionable flair are OK too!

Contemporary Screened Porch by Archadeck

Contemporary Screened Porch by Archadeck

In either scenario, ‘wasted space’ is a huge ‘no-no’.  Smart and efficient architecture is in demand with an emphasis on proportional form and tasteful decor to blend with your home — both inside and out.

Patio Pergola by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

Patio Pergola by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

So let’s look more closely at the ‘how, why and what’ of outdoor living in 2015.
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Choices for deck designs are abundant.   With a wide assortment of material, color and design trends, your project can be perfectly tailored to blend-in with your home, yard, personal ‘likes’ and family budget.

Simply begin the planning process by looking at images to identify what ‘fits your style’.  Ask yourself, “What materials do I like best?  What about colors and accents?  What about shape and size?”  By narrowing down some generalities, experienced contractors like Archadeck can easily guide you through design decisions to build an outdoor space you’ll love.  That’s Archadeck!  ‘Better Building by Design’ since 1980.

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Decks in Greater St. Louis, Collinsville, Illinois by Archadeck

Deck in Greater St. Louis, Collinsville, by Archadeck

Do you live in Greater St. Louis?

Are you thinking about a deck addition or other outdoor space such as an open or screened porch, screen room, screened in deck, pergola, pavilion, patio enclosure or gazebo for your home and backyard?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Archadeck has a long-standing history of unmatched service to Greater St. Louis (including St. Charles County and parts of Illinois).

And with the power behind the Archadeck brand, we provide the experience and technical skills to create unique and innovative outdoor living environments, especially for you.

Porches by Archadeck, St. Louis, Mo - Ceiling Finish

Porches by Archadeck, St. Louis, Mo – Ceiling Finish

Archadeck of West County and St. Charles County offers our clients knowledge, expertise, resources and superior industry warranties.

We’ll guide you through the entire ‘design and build’ process, worry-free… on time and on budget.

It all begins with our free consultation service to discuss project ideas including designs and materials.

So no matter the scope of the job, we keep the process simple, yet thorough… efficient and detailed… timely but unrushed… from start to the final clean-up. Read the rest of this entry »

Custom Deck Designs and Building by Archadeck

Deck Design with Planters by Archadeck

Since 1980, Archadeck (a ‘spin’ on the word, ‘architect’) has specialized in decks and other outdoor living structures.

But in today’s post, let’s focus soley on decks:  design, materials, and building.

Here at Archadeck in Greater St. Louis, we start with a great custom design to complement your home, yard, lifestyle, personal choices and budget.

If it’s a quaint platform deck for a smaller yard or a project that’s larger in scope such as a multilevel deck with a screen room, Archadeck can help.

Deck and Pergola Designs by Archadeck

Deck and Pergola Design Drawings by Archadeck

We’ll meet with you, at no charge, to scope out the layout of your home and backyard and to discuss your ideas for a deck addition.

By ‘putting our heads together’, Archadeck can develop visually realistic computerized design drawings of what your project design would look like.

And next comes building materials. When building a new deck or other outdoor living space, decking material is an important choice.  The type of decking you select — wood, hardwood, composite or vinyl —  will impact appearance, budgets, construction and maintenance. Read the rest of this entry »

Composite Decking with Level Changes by Archadeck

Composite Decking with Level Changes by Archadeck

Decks are a fabulous space for outdoor living and a perfect place to entertain.  But how you want to use your deck will determine how to build your deck.  Deck design is everything!

There are five basic deck types:  platform deck, raised deck, two-story deck, multi level deck and free-standing deck.

Today, let’s focus on the multi level deck design.

St. Louis Decks by Archadeck in Wildwood Mo - Multilevel

Multi Level Vinyl Deck in Wildwood, Mo by Archadeck

Building a deck with multiple levels adds architectural interest, provides space for various outdoor ‘rooms’, bridges the gap between home and yard, accentuating a backyard view.

Archadeck can create deck spaces for specific purposes by:

  • adding small steps for minor level changes
  • varying the orientation of deck boards for visual definition
  • including privacy rail or lattice for intimate nooks
  • building around the existing trees to maintain natural shade
  • designing staircases for large level transitions and logical traffic flow

Other deck ideas to consider include: Read the rest of this entry »

St. Louis Decks and Gazebos by Archadeck in West County

Hardwood Deck with Gazebo, St. Louis West County – by Archadeck

It’s a colorful autumn here in the Greater St. Louis area.

The air is crisp, the weather brisk.

A color-rich backdrop of changing leaves are brilliant against a clear St. Louis sky.

Autumn’s earth-tones are sprinkled with vivid yellows, oranges, rusts and reds,  inspiring the colors of outdoor living designs.

Contemporary decks, screened porch enclosures, pergolas and gazebos are often designed and built with wood.  From treated wood, to cedar to tropical hardwoods including Ipe and Tigerwood,  these decking materials are forever stylish, durable, and complement most homes and backyard settings.

But with newer composite and vinyl decking materials, a reputable contractor like Archadeck can spice up your outdoor living color scheme, beyond traditional wood tones. Read the rest of this entry »


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