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Container Garden on a Deck by Archadeck

Container Garden on a Deck by Archadeck

Now that the weather is finally (finally!) warming-up, St. Louis homeowners are more-than-ready to head outdoors for their annual ‘spruce-up-the-backyard-ritual’.

In the aftermath of a long and difficult Midwest winter, things will undoubtedly look a little dreary.

Begin by tidying… mow the grass, rake dead leaves, clean off the deck.

And as long as your deck passes the safety check-list, bring out the outdoor furniture and grill!

Oh, but what if the deck still looks a little uninteresting and uninviting?

No worries.  Dressing-up an empty deck is a snap, you just need some easy-care plants and color-filled foliage to enhance that winter-worn space.

So here are some tips for ‘deckscaping’  — aka gardening on your deck. Read the rest of this entry »


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