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Happy New Year from Archadeck

Happy New Year from Archadeck in St. Louis, Mo

Stay tuned for more from Archadeck of West County in St. Louis Missouri.

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When most homeowners think of a pergola, a standard, slatted backyard shade structure with open sides comes to mind.  Pergolas, however, are an extremely versatile outdoor addition and can be planned, built or altered to suit any home or garden.

Fan Shaped Pergola with Round Columns by Archadeck

Fan Shaped Pergola with Round Columns by Archadeck

Pergolas can be constructed from natural wood or man-made synthetic materials and designed as an attachment to your home or as an entirely separate, free-standing unit.

A pergola might be a small and unobtrusive addition to a secluded garden getaway or a welcoming, grand and impressive gateway to your home’s front door entryway.

And combined with a deck, patio or other outdoor space, pergolas make an aesthetic impact while providing shade, shelter and a sense of privacy too. Read the rest of this entry »

Vinyl Pergola with Solar Panels by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

Vinyl Pergola with Solar Panels by Archadeck, St. Louis Mo

Some folks assume that ALL pergolas are pretty much the same when it comes to design and style.

Based on what you’ve seen in pictures (or in your neighbor’s yard), you might be thinking:

“Yeah, yeah, yeah… a pergola is a pergola is a pergola except for standard building materials in a few colors.  Right?”

Well, not exactly.  That may have been true a while ago, but not anymore.

Ornate Pergola with Dark Stain by Archadeck

Ornate Pergola with Dark Stain by Archadeck

Yes, a pergola is a slatted outdoor structure adding shade and definition to a deck, walkway, garden, pool or patio area.

And yes, pergolas are a perfect framework to support vines and hanging baskets of plants or flowers.

However with a custom pergola by a reputable contractor the sky’s the limit when it comes to unique designs for both function and flair.

Here in St. Louis we’ve designed and built our fair share of pergolas for customers throughout the region.

But we’d also like to share a few other ideas from Archadeck to get those design-juices flowing.

So first, let’s break down the sub-categories:  material options, size and style, types of accessories. Read the rest of this entry »

Traditional Pergola with Columns by Archadeck

Traditional Pergola with Columns by Archadeck

More prominent than an arbor, less ornate than a gazebo, and less expensive than a screened porch, a pergola may be the perfect outdoor structure for your home, backyard and budget.

Pergolas can be large or small, subtle or grand, classic or contemporary, attached to your home’s deck or a free-standing design for a patio, pathway or garden.

No matter the size, shape or style, pergolas are a ‘space-defining’ structure for an outdoor living space.

Free Standing Pergola with Privacy Screen by Archadeck

Free Standing Pergola by Archadeck

Pergolas are popular because they create an ‘outdoor room’ effect by designating a conversation area and gathering spot.

The enclosed ‘feel’ of a pergola can be further embellished with a trellis, railings, privacy screen, vines or hanging plants.

And pergolas are versatile too.

A pergola may be a simple overhead structure or an elaborate backyard centerpiece and focal-point. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s nearing the end of a busy work week and the three-day holiday weekend is approaching… an ideal occasion to carve out some ‘outdoor living’ time on the patio or deck under a pergola.  Pergolas create an outdoor room, beautifully and economically.

And for this reason, custom-designed pergolas are a St. Louis favorite when it comes to backyard shade structures.  Shade pergolas provide a well-defined focal point for any outdoor space and a ‘finishing touch’ for stylish outdoor living in comfort.

Take a look at the slideshow below for pictures of pergolas by Archadeck. Read the rest of this entry »

Wood Pergolas and Decks, by Archadeck

Wood Pergola and Deck by Archadeck

The images of relaxing at home, on your deck, inside a screened porch or gazebo or under a pergola is… well, relaxing and peaceful.

Outdoor living spaces are often the best escapes for reading, napping, dining, or congregating with family and friends.  And pergolas, in particular, are an excellent way to economically turn an outdoor area into an outdoor room.

In St. Louis, pergolas have gained popularity for backyard building by adding shade, charm, design definition, and dollar value to your property.  New generation, low maintenance building products and design creativity have also added to the appeal of a pergola.

Considerations for designing a pergola: Read the rest of this entry »


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