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Wondering where to begin when it comes to planning a deck or other outdoor space?  Well, wonder no longer.

Archadeck’s new design guide is here.  And best of all, it’s still free and even better than before!

Spacious Multilevel Composite Decks by Archadeck - Design Guide Download

Spacious Multilevel Composite Decks by Archadeck – Design Guide Download

With an improved online experience, you can easily flip through the design guide in its magazine format, watch a 4-part video series, zoom-in-or-out, download it, email it, link to it, share it, and then take advantage of a special offer too.

Crucial for project planning, the guide will take-you-through a series of pertinent questions to help define exactly what you want in an outdoor space.  In the end you’ll have your answers!  For instance…

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Choices for deck designs are abundant.   With a wide assortment of material, color and design trends, your project can be perfectly tailored to blend-in with your home, yard, personal ‘likes’ and family budget.

Simply begin the planning process by looking at images to identify what ‘fits your style’.  Ask yourself, “What materials do I like best?  What about colors and accents?  What about shape and size?”  By narrowing down some generalities, experienced contractors like Archadeck can easily guide you through design decisions to build an outdoor space you’ll love.  That’s Archadeck!  ‘Better Building by Design’ since 1980.

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Vinyl Deck, photo courtesy of TimberTech

Vinyl Deck, photo courtesy of TimberTech

Are you planning a deck addition or other outdoor living space such as a porch, pergola or gazebo for your home and backyard?

Or maybe you’d like to refresh, remodel or re-deck your existing backyard deck?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Archadeck of West County and St. Charles County is a premier deck builder and we’ll guide you through the entire deck design and building process, worry-free.

Deck and Pergola Design Plan in St. Louis

Deck and Pergola Design Rendering, St. Louis, Mo

We’ll start with a free consultation to discuss project ideas, deck designs and material samples.

Taking it a step further, our computerized design renderings will give you a realistic image of your project before we start building your deck.

Customers can then make needed changes or adjustments, allowing them to see a different design perspective.

No matter the scope of the job, we keep the design and construction process simple and efficient, start to finish.

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A well planned deck project will complement your home and backyard by making the transition, from inside to out, look perfectly simple and seamless.

Low Maintenance TimberTech Deck, photo by TimberTech

Low Maintenance TimberTech Deck, photo by TimberTech

When this happens, the style and finish of a new deck will look like a natural extension of your original architecture and landscaping.

A well designed and constructed deck will also combine beautiful form with functional architecture and quality materials.  But I’m getting ahead of myself because design is paramount.

So, when it comes to replacing an old deck or building a new deck, the first issue at hand is design.

Design ‘rules’ because proper design leads to increase deck use.  Otherwise… what’s the point of a deck if you don’t use it?

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