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Wood — cedar wood, pressure treated wood, and hardwoods such as Tigerwood and Ipe – remains a classic and popular choice for decks and other outdoor structures.

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Platform Decks in St. Louis by Archadeck

St. Louis Platform Decks by Archadeck

Experienced deck contractors can easily expand your living room, family room or breakfast room by opening-up the first floor of your home to a deck that stretches along parts of, or the entire back of your house.

This type of deck is called a platform deck and can be constructed using wood, hardwood, composite or vinyl decking materials.

In addition, savvy design techniques can incorporate plenty of personality for a beautiful platform deck using:

  • angles and curves or other interesting shapes
  • raised areas for sitting or dining
  • shade with a gazebo or pergola
  • trellis or arbor for climbing plants
  • planters for potted plants
  • privacy screen for a hot tub or spa
  • decorative floor board patterns
  • decorative railing and balusters
  • deck lighting for stairs and rails
  • benches as railing for added seating and an unobstructed view
  • wide steps, double stair exit, or just a single step for connecting to the lawn Read the rest of this entry »

Archadeck can extend your home’s livable space, from indoors to outdoors, by ‘opening-up’ your house with a platform deck across the back.

Platform decks (or sometimes called patio decks) are constructed low-to-the-ground and can be built using wood, vinyl, or composite materials.  They have a simpler design when compared to multilevel and two story decks; however platform decks by Archadeck are designed with oodles of creativity for a fabulous deck addition, customized especially for you.

Shown in our slideshow below, are just a few platform deck projects by Archadeck Outdoor Living. Read the rest of this entry »

Chesterfield in St. Louis, Missouri is a gorgeous and bustling suburb of West County with a natural landscape of plains, bluffs, slopes and valleys due to its proximity to area rivers.  The natural terrain in Chesterfield makes a perfect spot for a backyard deck or other outdoor living space.

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Platform decks are a cost effective way to add outdoor living space to your home while providing a smooth transition from inside to out.  Platform decks are especially ideal for homes with smaller lots and/or with direct backyard access from the house.

So take a virtual field trip of platform decks with the slideshow below: Read the rest of this entry »

Patio Decks, St. Louis, Mo

Patio Decks, St. Louis, Mo

No matter the size of your yard, adding a deck will jazz up your home’s exterior and improve its value.

So if you’re thinking about building a deck for your home, you’ll first need to find a reputable contractor that specializes in deck design.

Choosing the right contractor will ensure a well-built structure that, not only looks terrific but, fits your lifestyle and blends with your home and yard, smoothly.

So let’s take a look at five basic options for decks: platform decks, raised decks, two-story decks, multi-level decks, free-standing decks.

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