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Deck in St. Louis, Mo - Before Renovation

Deck in St. Louis, Mo – Before Photo

A homeowner in St. Louis asked us about screening in their existing deck to enhance its comfort and usability while maintaining a sense of cohesiveness with the original architecture.

No sweat.  Archadeck can do that.

The end result is a winning combination:  a cozy, outdoor family room and entertainment area that can be used, nearly year-round.

The screened in deck  is the new ‘hang-out spot’, providing privacy; protection from wind, rain, sun and insects too.

Screened In Deck, Chesterfield, Mo - St. Louis West County

Screened In Deck, St. Louis, Mo – After Photo

So if you have an existing deck, your contractor can enhance the space with a fresh look:  screen room, open roof, slatted shade structure, new railings, privacy wall, lighting and more.

We’ll help you make your backyard, the best it can be… on time and within budget.

Deck design details and decking materials used for renovation, bring endless possibilities for outdoor living spaces this season.  So give Archadeck a call to spruce up your home and yard this Spring with a deck makeover.

If you live in the Greater St. Louis area including St. Louis, St. Louis County, West County, St. Charles, St. Charles County and parts of Illinois, schedule a free, on site estimate – 636.227.0800.

Or visit our website,, to view hundreds of Archadeck’s completed projects and fill-in our ‘how can we help’ form.

(Outside of Greater St. Louis, visit to find other offices.)

Screened in decks offer a ‘halfway house’ — a transition room — linking your home’s indoor living space to its outdoor living space with ease, comfort and style.

Screened in Decks, Designed and Built by Archadeck

Screened In Decks by Archadeck

Other benefits of a screened in deck include:

  • increased privacy
  • protection from rain and sun
  • bug buffer
  • and a delightful, sheltered nook that can be used much of the year

Regarding design, a reliable and reputable contractor will plan a customized screen deck based largely on a specific home’s existing layout and the size of the backyard.

Screened Deck Designs, Built by Archadeck

Screened Decks by Archadeck

Generally speaking however, there are two different options for screened decks.

The first way, most appropriate for a large and wide backyard, is to screen in a portion of the deck, itself.

The second way, most appropriate for smaller yards or sloping lots, is to screen in an area underneath the deck.

The custom design details for this type of outdoor screened structure and the materials used for building, bring endless possibilities for the space. Read the rest of this entry »

Get the best of both worlds — an open air outdoor space and an enclosed outdoor space — with a screened in deck from Archadeck Outdoor Living. See the slideshow below for a few examples.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Designate a portion of your deck as a screened in zone, either adjoined to or located below your deck.  It’s an economical home addition guaranteed to be a favorite spot for your entire family.

Schedule a free on site estimate with us by calling 636.227.0800 if you live in St. Louis, Missouri including St. Louis County, St. Charles, St. Charles County and parts of Illinois.

Browse our website,, to see pictures of our custom designed and built decks, porches, pergolas, gazebos and other outdoor living spaces. Outside of metropolitan St. Louis, go to to find other locations.

Industry jargon.  Industry lingo.  It’s a confusing fact of life and enough to drive consumers crazy when trying to compare products.

So in the spirit of clarity, this article is dedicated to the semantics of a deck with a room underneath.

St. Louis Screened Patio Enclosures with Underdecking by Archadeck

Deck and Screened Patio Enclosure by Archadeck in St. Louis, Kirkwood area

Did you know there is a way to create usable space for outdoor living, or a protected storage space, below your deck?

Common industry terminology includes: underdecking, under deck ceiling, under deck roofing, under deck drainage system.

Customers might also ask for a ‘screened in deck, ‘rain deck’ or even ‘roof deck’ too.

Bottom line:  Knowledgeable contractors can build-out the area underneath an elevated deck to create an outdoor room  — open or enclosed — that’s dry and ready to use. Read the rest of this entry »

Raised Deck with Screened Porch by Archadeck

Raised Deck with Screened Porch by Archadeck

Ahhh…. a screened porch.  The perfect spot for napping, lounging, reading, dining, entertaining… being.

A screened in porch equals relaxation… a sheltered outdoor living space perfect for enjoying your backyard with shade, protection from wind, bugs, sun and rain.

Add electrical outlets and lighting and your screened porch truly becomes and outdoor ‘room’, day or night.

In today’s St. Louis market, screened porches, screen rooms, and screened enclosures — alone or in combination with a deck —  add dollar value and attractive curb-appeal as a home addition.  And over the years, contemporary screen porch plans have evolved with state-of-the-art designs, building products and accessories. Read the rest of this entry »

Decks, Screened-in Porches by Archadeck

Screened-in Porch with Hip Roof and Attached Deck, by Archadeck

The image of a screened porch stirs an image of a happy, relaxing place to enjoy the outdoors with shelter from heat, sun, rain and insects.

A screened porch is often the best place of all to read or nap in privacy … entertain or dine with family and friends.  Add lighting, and a screened porch brings outdoor living into the night.

For these reasons, St. Louis is filled with self-proclaimed screened porch lovers.

In St. Louis, screened porches have also gained popularity by adding value and curb appeal as home additions.

When flanked by a deck, a screened porch becomes an extension of other outdoor living spaces too.  New low maintenance products and creative design ideas  have added to their appeal.

Important considerations for designing a screened porch include: Read the rest of this entry »


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