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Deck safety is important!

A carefree evening with friends and family can be ruined in a moment by a deck failure and sudden injury. So learn how to inspect your deck with a video and seven-point check-list to ensure your outdoor space is fit for entertaining this holiday weekend.

Deck Safety Checklist by Archadeck

Deck Safety Checklist by Archadeck

(Click the photo above to watch a video and read the BE SAFER, seven-point deck safety checklist.)

And go here for Archadeck’s Deck Safety Tip Sheet too!

Happy 4th of July from Archadeck!

Yep, it’s a real thing… ‘Deck Safety Month’ begins in May.

Sponsored by NADRA (North American Deck and Rail Association), ‘Deck Safety Month’ reminds homeowners to check-your-deck this spring.

May Is Deck Safety Moth

May Is Deck Safety Month

In our post highlighting safety last year, we wrote:

As decks across the U.S. have aged, proper maintenance and periodic inspections have sometimes been neglected or completely ignored. When those decks are packed-with-people during parties, prom photo-shoots or graduation events, a collapse can occur and cause serious injuries.

Or maybe the deck wasn’t built properly the first time.

A simple, seven-point inspection plan will help you spot trouble.  Use Archadeck’s acronym – BE SAFER (Boards, Every Connection, Structure, Attachment,Footings, Exists, Rails) for a DIY deck-check.

To read the full article, just go here: “How To Check Your Deck For Safety”.

This year, however, we’ve made things super-easy.  Watch Archadeck’s LIVE deck safety inspection right here to learn how to DIY.

Check Your Deck For Safety Video by Archadeck

Check Your Deck For Safety, Video by Archadeck

And finally, if you’d prefer a professional inspection, try Archadeck.

If you live in St. Louis or surrounding areas, you can reach us at 636-227-0800 or submit an online form ‘how can we help?’.

If you live outside of St. Louis, go to or call 888-687-3325.

Deck safety is always the best policy so be sure to check your deck!

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Newly Constructed, Elevated Deck with Pergola, photo by Archadeck

In 2006, the month of May was designated by  NADRA — North American Deck and Railing Association — as Deck Safety Month in response to injuries resulting from older, unsafe decks that have collapsed.

Thus, ‘Deck Safety Month’ is a perfect reminder to schedule a professional deck safety inspection with a reputable contractor this Spring.

Statistically, there are over 40 million aging decks, 20 years old or older, across the United States.

Professionals in the building industry suggest having any deck over 7 years old checked for safety because with age, decks can become a hazard to people, particularly when the deck is raised, elevated or multi-tiered. Read the rest of this entry »

On Tuesday, August 14th 2012, The Today Show aired a fact-filled investigative story by National Correspondent Jeff Rossen about the hazards which occur when a deck collapses.

Multilevel, New Vinyl Deck, photo courtesy of TimberTech

Multilevel, New Vinyl Deck, photo courtesy of TimberTech

Deck safety can be ensured with just a few simple steps for deck inspection, deck repair or deck replacement to avoid collapse and potential injury.

Watch the video about deck safety by following the story link, Today Show MSNBC and The Rossen Report.

Report highlights include two key points:

Decks are a functional and attractive outdoor space; however if a deck wasn’t built properly or hasn’t been maintained properly, a deck can ‘fall apart right under your feet… in a split second’.

A deck collapsing is a hazard that many folks never think about.  And according to industry home inspectors, 80% of older decks have safety issues with rotting/splintered wood, failing board connections or problem anchors and unstable railings. Read the rest of this entry »


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