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Deck by Archadeck, St. Louis West County, Colonial Spindle Rails

Traditional Style Deck by Archadeck in St. Louis, Colonial Rails with Low Maintenance Decking

In our previous two posts, we discussed both ‘contemporary’ and ‘rustic’ architecture and the type of deck or porch designs to best complement those styles.

Today, let’s highlight ‘traditional’ homes with a few suggestions for integrative deck, screened porch or front porch features.

For starters, the real estate industry reports that traditional homes with large porches, front columns and gables are making a comeback among homeowners.  Why?

Probably because things that are truly traditional, stand-the-test-of-time and never go out of style.  So a ‘traditional’ motif isn’t ‘trendy’ but it is ‘trending’ in 2014!  Interesting huh?

Traditional Screened Porch Design by Archadeck

Traditional Screened Porch Design by Archadeck with Gable Roof

Most folks think of Colonial or Cape Cod homes as traditional but the term is rather broad and can embody more than one architectural genre.

This historic styling can also be found in modern-day neo-traditional homes, in ‘low-key Victorian’ houses and brick-ranches too.

I know.  It’s confusing.

Nonetheless, when Archadeck customers consider a deck or porch addition for their house, certain design features simply work best to complete an overall traditional look.

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