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Deck Designs, Deck Building, by Archadeck

“Outdoor Room” Deck Designs, by Archadeck

Did you know that it’s simple to avoid the cost of a complete room addition by adding functional living space to your existing home with a deck?

With great design features and professional building techniques, a deck can become — for all practical purposes — an outdoor room for your family to enjoy.

Here are a few suggestions about deck design and deck building from Archadeck.

Multilevel or Two Story Decks Designs:

If your backyard is sloped, as are many homes in the Greater St. Louis area, landscaping alone will minimize your ability to use your backyard; however, a deck which follows the contour of the land and is built across different levels, will create sizable and usable space for your home and backyard.

Two Story Decks, Chesterfield Mo, St. Louis West County, Archadeck

Two Story Deck for Sloping Yard, Chesterfield, Mo – St. Louis West County by Archadeck

A multilevel or two story deck design provides flat surfaces to overcome a sloping yard. And when a deck extends directly from your home’s doorways, it blends smoothly with your indoor space, replicating an outdoor room extension.  Deck stairs are then used  to connect, as well as separate, the spaces.

Add a gazebo or pergola for shade, or even a screened porch, and you’ll define additional outdoor entertaining areas ideal for large gatherings, family barbecues or intimate bistro dining.

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Two Story Cedar Deck by Archadeck, St. Louis - Chesterfield

Two Story Cedar Deck by Archadeck, St. Louis – Chesterfield

We’re often asked, “What’s the story with two-story decks?”

The answer:  A Very Happy Ending!

A two-story, multi level deck opens up a range of possibilities and the benefits are many.

Two story decks add significant design elements to a home’s exterior while accommodating multiple activity areas into separate, outdoor living spaces.

Decks with levels provide definitive spaces which can equate to different ‘rooms’ for outdoor living.  This dynamic deck design ties outdoor living to your home in interesting ways.

For example, deck areas can include:  a bistro nook for morning coffee, a dining and cooking corner for barbeques, an adult sitting ‘den’ for conversing, a separate child’s cubby for play, a niche for a deck spa and a cozy retreat for reading or relaxing.

St. Louis Two Story Decks by Archadeck

Two Story Deck by Archadeck, St. Louis

A pergola, gazebo or screened room can be added for a sense of enclosure.  Planters, privacy screens, arbors or trellises create intimacy too.

In addition, a multi level deck design is the absolute best way to make use of a sloping yard, backyards with steep drop offs and for homes with walk out lower levels.  A deck then, provides easy access from your home to your yard or from deck to deck.

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