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As homeowners continue to extend their properties from the inside out, it’s important to wisely use your available outdoor space and balance the need for a yard too.

St. Louis Deck Builders, Archadeck of West County and St. Charles County

Multilevel Backyard Deck by Archadeck

The ideal project combines  space-savvy building methods with a zesty design to create a good lookin’ but incredibly useful outdoor space.

Whether you want to accommodate a small garden, large swimming pool or plenty of wide-open space for the kids to play, your deck design should meet those requirements.

But no matter your lifestyle, it’s often those oh-so-subtle design details that will tip the scales between a boring or brilliant outcome.

Low To The Ground, Single Plane Deck with Lattice and Landscaping, by Archadeck

Low Deck with Lattice and Landscaping, by Archadeck

And an experienced deck contractor will never (ever!) forget about the need for both functionality AND aesthetics.

A perfect example of that ‘special-little-something’ to add project ‘zing’ is how the underside space of your deck is managed.

Of course you can leave the underside of a deck, ‘as-is’ but it’s better to disguise it, completely hide it or better yet, use it!

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